Monday, 25 October 2010

Mike Natrass and the Corruption of UKIP

Well done Mike Natrass. Your open and truthful account of Nigel Farage took me down memory lane.

I remembered my first experience of Nigel Farage was at the National Motor Museum in Birmingham. I'd never been to a political conference before and expected something akin to statesman like behaviour from the fairly recently elected UKIP policticians. The first 'statesman' I got to hear was Farage himself and statesman like he was not.

He had spoke for or against a particular motion and expected the audience to rubber stamp his view. When the motion did not go his way, he berated his audience/supporters/UKIP members and flounced out of the conference hall in high dudgeon. I laughed as it was so camp I thought it was just a theatrical political joke and he would come back into the conference hall to the amusement of the audience. But no, it was Farage in control freak mode, how dare the plebs go against what he wanted. I was left with an uneasy feeling.

In the following years, it became clear that the only people Farage wanted in his Farage party were no hopers who would dance to his tune in the absence of being able to create their own tune of adhere to any kind of decent morals.

The NEC elections were particularly interesting, where unknown checkout girls living in the North West suddenly managed to gain more votes than the great Fuhrer himself. Then there were those people who stood up to him, only to be revealed as sympathisers of the far right or the BNP.

Then there was 'that' video. You know the one - it got found by a Morrocan taxi driver who posted said video on t'internet' and so on....................the amazing coincidences are endless.

So I congratulate Mike, and Nikki Sinclair, as you have both stood up against the most corrupt individual I have ever come across. Good luck in everything you do and remember, the truth will out.

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