Tuesday, 6 December 2011

They're after our money again!

Good ol' Ken Clark, he never disappoints.

Here's his thought for today:

'Britain should be prepared to accept "proper" financial regulation from Brussels, he went on. But he rejected the idea of an EU "Tobin tax" on financial transactions.

"It's the devil's own job to collect," he said, and added that New York and Hong Kong would not follow suit. '

So, Britain should accept 'proper' financial regulation from the same EU that has brought a continents economic system to the brink of collapse, and is so incompetent (or corrupt depending on your viewpoint) that it can't even manage to get its' books signed off.

And why exactly is it so hard to collect taxes on financial transactions. They seem to manage perfectly well in devising systems to collect VAT, PAYE and all those other rip off systems that are imposed on the man on the Clapham omnibus.

Surely the difficulty cannot be that the banks don't want it?

Monday, 5 December 2011

Can TV sink any further?

Let's start with some background first. In the absence of anything else remotely interesting to watch, we tuned in to the new (trilogy) Channel 4 drama, Black Mirror.

The storyline consisted of a kidnapped princess whose release could only be secured by the Prime Minister.

The writing was sloppier than that of a 5 year old's description of a day at the zoo. The potential kidnappers hideout was identified by the best technology available, because a pair of car headlights were seen. This led to a complex being surrounded by SAS types, who didn't notice that a journalist was freely roaming around managing to bypass their infra-red technology and years of experience in Afghnistan. She got shot, obviously, and there was no sign of the princess.

The writer ignored the fact that situations of this type have occured in the real world, and the response is nearly always the same i.e. never give in to threats of terrorism as they will always come back for more. But hey, peddle it as a surreal drama and it seems you can get away with anything.

Neither the journalists that receved a severed finger apparantly from the princess, nor the police or analysts that handled the finger after, managed to notice without DNA testing that the finger actually belonged to a man and not the demure little princess who had been kidnapped.

But the real tragedy of this 'drama' was its main hook. In order for the kidnapped princess to be released, the Prime Minister would have to fornicate with a pig whilst the act was broadcast live around the world, and of course in this twisted drama, he did just that.

Why are sick and twisted writers being allowed to peddle their malfunctioning sexual desires onto our screens under the guise of entertainment?

And what kind of sick and twisted media corporations let them?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I could predict these riots

Some people really are graduates in 'Master of the Obvious'.

Of all the observations that could be made about the riots, a colleague of mine announced widely, the startling revelation 'Did you know that before the General Election Nick Clegg announced there would be riots'. No further comment required.

Well, if anyone had bothered to listen to the law abiding people in this country, they would find a mass of telepathic civilians with predictions ranging from 'somethings got to give', to 'things can't go on as they are' and so on.

Why? Because people have seen that crime pays, that there are no deterrents through the legal system, that the police have been turned into a uniformed social services, scared to death of acting for fear of the human rights act or some discrimination law or another. There are no morals or beliefs among the rioters - did they check those buildings they were torching to see if anyone was inside? Judging from media footage, this never crossed their tiny little pea shaped minds.

People know that GCSEs at A***** only means the recipient turned up on the day of the exam. They know that the pregnant teenager will be given a property a working family can only dream of. They know that to challenge a group of hoodies could easily mean being stabbed to death and no one will come to their aid. So everyone is at the mercy of the mindless and the downright bad.

So hey, we could all predict that riots or worse would happen. But what next?

Well, Sky news have just been reporting from Enfield. A group of around 50 - 70 men have taken to the streets to support police (although the leader was none too impressed the police protection he had received so far) and stop any further looting/rioting/burning. It will interesting to see if the vigilante method spreads.

However, one thing I've noticed that gives me hope, is that the decent law abiding people of whatever colour and culture in this country, are uniting in fear, anger and disgust at the position we have all been left in by those in power adopting politically correct policies and strategies.

If we stay united and force our politicians to abandon political correctness, then maybe there is hope for the Big Society after all.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Monarchy, Blair and the BBC

The very day after and they just couldn't wait.

No, not Wills and Kate but the BBC. Outraged they were, at the snub to Blair, so suddenly history is rewritten BBC style. The presenters mused over how Blair stabalised the situation after the death of Diana and what a terrible snub it was not to invite him to the wedding. Really? My memory was of him muscling in to take centre stage from the royals, whipping up animosity towards the royals whilst doing the crowd pleaser thing and acting as uninvited mediator between the royals and the masses. This culminated in two young boys being forced to walk, in all their grief, behind their mothers coffin in front of millions. Those who were supposedly mourning Diana showed no concern for the feelings of her children, egged on by Blair.

Next came the compare and contrast pictures. The vile guest presenter held a picture of the masses outside Westminister next to one of the guests inside Westminster Abbey. Did he find it heart warming? The nation coming together? Even the Big Society taking shape? No, the BBC would not hear of it. According to the BBC it was a shameful sight. Just look at the diversity of people outside and just look at the shameful picture of the guests inside who are our leaders, said the vile presenter. Now bear in mind he was only looking at two pictures, and therefore only a visual representation, followed by the use of that word 'diversity' then one can only conclude that the view held by him and given airtime by the BBC, was a purely racist one of hatred towards white people. At this point even the main presenter gave a challenge and said vile presenter was being unfair. But the vile one was having none of it and then allowed to further expound on his views. I switched off at this point to be kind to my blood pressure.

I tuned in again today (not because I like the Beeb but because they have a text service unlike ITV who have removed the excellent teletext service). Maureen Lipman was one of the guest presenters and guess what, when 'the wedding' came up, declared Blair was the one who sorted out their troubles, stabalised the monarchy , didn't get an invite and so on.

One day of Blair arse licking might just be one persons opinion. Two days running - not a chance. It's business as ususal for the Beeb, sucking up to their socialist pals, using the taxpayer funded station as a propaganda machine for said chums and ensuring that whoever is being attacked gets little or no say in the matter.

Whilst it is great to know that Blair is fuming over the lack of a wedding invitation, isn't it time we stopped this propaganda machine. Nobody has yet dared take them on, but if we truely want to stop non-jobs, taxpayer funded propaganda and overpaid fat cats then this is the first place to start.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Taking the Piss

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous....................

If anybody thinks that elections are worth the paper they are printed on, then read this. It's nearly as bad as making Tony Blair the Middle East envoy.

The corrupt elite just cannot help themselves from taking the piss (because they know we will let them)!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Agent Provocateurs or Violent Lefties?

The protests yesterday were impressive, geek speech apart, and the message should not be lost by the government following the violent end to the protest.

I suspect the violence was well organised, but by whom?

Someone sugested to me, before any violence had begun, that there would be agent provocateurs in the crowd to ensure the protest was discredited. I, on the other hand, thought that any violence would come via the usual extreme left wing groups who thrive on hatred and envy, using gullable youngsters as their tools.

However, it does not really matter who caused the violence, because it is obvious that 99.9% of the protesters were there for genuine, non violent reasons. Cameron and Clegg should thank their luckey stars that the British people have accepted everything thrown at them so far. All the protesters are saying is that the acceptable limit has been breached, and it is not acceptable to carry on with such severe 'austerity' measures when the bankers and their ilk suffer no consequences while the masses bear the brunt.

If Cameron really wants a 'Big Society' then he needs to listen to the Big Issues that the Big Protest brought forth.

That's assuming he wants to remain in power!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Protest in the Park

I agree with many of the reasons for today's protest. As a local government worker, since the bankers took all the taxpayers money, to pay for their reckless and very poor management whilst still being paid a fortune, the media have instead focussed on attacking public sector workers. We have been demonised as the incompetent,non job, overpaid, overpensioned pariahs of a world where everyone in the private sector earns two bob a day working tirelessly to provide for the lazy public sector.

So I can identify with today's protest. In the quarter of a century that I have worked in social housing, I have been spat at, sworn at, threatened, stalked and have had my car windscreen smashed in. Then there's the fleas, filth and turds (only last week - about 200 in someones vacated lounge!). And that's before you get to the routine of the job itself, battling against the competing priorities of legislation, finance and volume.

So I can easily identify with todays protesters. What I cannot fathom though, is why they attended the geeks performance? Ed served in the same government that has caused the problem, shafted Bro by crawling to the unions, and showed no remorse for his part in Britains (and the public sectors) downfall.

Can the protesters really not see his hypocrisy or is the lack of cheering for his geeklike performance a sign of British politeness towards an idiot? I do hope so.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

£800,000 of Taxpayers money down the drain

Surely the Taxpayers Alliance should investigate? How do they get away with such criminal waste? All those non-jobs and over paid idiots with gold plated pensions and now they throw £800,000 a unit down the drain!

Yep, every missile fired at Libya costs us, the taxpayer, £800,000 (as reported on the Jeremy Vine show today)and is rubber stamped by the government. Not content with the waste of life and money in Afghanistan and Iraq brought about by Nu Labour, our new government now has money to throw away in Libya. What return will we see for our (taxpayers) money? Well, I'll hazard a guess that within a year the Union Jack will be burned on the streets of Tripoli and that 'rebel' snipers will be taking pot shots at our lads and lassies.

Meanwhile the infrastructure and governance of Britain will be pared down to a bare minimum so we can afford £800,000 per missile rather than fund the NHS et al.

Thank goodness the government has got it priorities right!

Monday, 21 March 2011

A Golden Future

Just what are we trying to acheive in Libya and the middle east?

We've been treated to the usual idiotic posturing by our politicians but, when all the bombing is over and all the oil fields grabbed (and not necessarily by the western powers), what's going to happen? Will these medieval countries suddenly adopt democratic ways, allowing women to throw off their burkas and both sexes will start going for a friendly pint down the pub on a friday night? Or will we see a United States of Al-Qaeda (USAL(L)?

We've already buggered up Iraq and Afghanistan so why on earth are we at it again. I know there's the old oil argument but the very real threat of creating a massive block of anti-western fundamentalist islamic states surely is not worth the risk.

And everyone is keeping stum about the Iranian position in all this. Remember them, nutty government led by Ahmadinejad, with nuclear stuff, oppressed people and plenty of gold.

'Market observers believe Tehran has been one of the biggest buyers of bullion over the past decade after China, Russia and India, and is among the 20 largest holders of gold reserves. They estimate it holds more than 300 tonnes of gold.'

Make no mistake, there is all to play for in the middle east and the outcome is by no means certain. One things for sure though, there will be no golden future for the middle east

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The end of Humanity

No, the end of humanity has nothing to do with nuclear power stations, earthquakes or Tsunamis.

On Radio 2 yesterday, Jeremy Vines show, there was a debate about whether we should send/give aid to Japan. What a strange topic I thought, surely the case was clear cut. An earthquake, followed by a tsunami, thousands dead and injured and the whole country is at risk of a nuclear meltdown.

Yet, there were people arguing that NO aid should be sent to help them. Why? Well the arguments ranged from them being a wealthy country, atrocities in the second world war, having better manufacturing than us and for not building nuclear reactors that could withstand both earthquake and tsunami. Add to, this that the world did not rally to give Britain (well Cumbria) aid when Whitehaven was flooded, rounded off the arguments to leave the Japanese trying to save their damaged country (through no fault of their own) without our aid.

Granted there were people who argued strongly for giving aid to Japan. However, it became increasingly clear that the end of humanity will brought about by the selfish attitudes of those who have no regard for the suffering of their fellow humans, rather than nuclear power.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The new face of Religion?

'The BBC's new face of religion is an atheist who claims that God had a wife and that Eve was 'unfairly maligned' by sexist scholars.
Amazing insights into world creation include Eve being maligned as a troublesome wife, biblical writers were male and women were second class citizens, seen as property - the insights are endless!
I presume now, that the BBC will be hiring a religious presenter to put forward the story of atheism?
Mmmm, I thought not.

Monday, 7 March 2011

If Andrew goes, shouldn't Bill and Hillary?

UK Trade Envoy, Prince Andrew, is under attack for his alleged connection to paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his cohort, Ghislaine Maxwell . Fair enough.

But it is also alleged that both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been entertained by the same paedophile, and he has the home phone numbers of Peter Mandelson . Indeed, Jeffrey Epstein has even entertained the lovely Naomi Campbell, recently returned from giving evidence against Charles Taylor, a chap who once entertained her and a bloody despot.

Who knows how many more of the rich, amoral elite have been 'entertained' by this man. Whilst Andrew should resign as Trade Envoy, to single him out from Epsteins other rich friends applies double standards. If he goes, so should Bill, Hillary, Naomi and Pete.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Christian, Humanist or Other?

The British Humanist Association has declared war on Christians for the census. Their slogan is
'If you're not religious, for Gods sake, say so' is completely uninspiring but meant to skew the results towards atheism. But it did make me start to think about my own beliefs.

According to the Humanists, it is a joke to declare yourself Christian if you don't go to church. or only do the birth, wedding and funeral rounds, which probably pretty much describes my church going habits (with holiday churches thrown in). So am I a Christian, Humanist or an 'other'?

Well, I think the 10 commandments are a pretty good idea, whether you believe that Jesus was the son of God or not.I also like the idea of treating others kindly, having a love based philosopy and a revulsion for the love of money (bankers to you). So I, loosley, live my life according to these ideas, even if I fail to meet them in entirety.

Am I a Humanist? Well, as part of my philosohy degree, I had to read Richard Dawkins, self professed humanist and God hater. How this man can be taken seriously defies belief. He takes a smidgeon of truth, then conjectures a whole world of atheism through his own beliefs without evidence but with a lot of hate. Maybe there is no God or afterlife but then, even Stephen Hawkins has wobbled on his big bang theory, and I have never met an atheist (humanist) that has ever been able to explain to me either how the big bang came about from nothing (even gases have to be formed somewhere) or indeed, what nothing is. So a Humanist I am not.

That leaves me with 'other'. Well, if I'm not a christian or an atheist, surely 'other' can only refer to other belief systems, which I'm not aware of. So that's not me either.

Therefore, for the census, I shall be, very truthfully, declaring myself Christian. I would however like the option to declare my political affiliations to our current system, in which case, I would again, quite truthfully, answer 'other'.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Libya's Chemical Ali

As Gaddaffi threatens to burn Libya if they continue their defiance of him, his London educated son gave a press conference that brought back amusing memories of Chemical Ali - the chap in Iraq assuring the press that they had beaten the west, whilst in the background American tanks rolled by.

Gaddafi's son obviously studied under him (maybe in London - where else?). In a marvellous press conference he declared that the current troubles, that have so far led to many deaths, would soon be seen as a joke that everybody would soon be laughing about. Oh really.

Better still was the Chemical Ali moment, when Saif al-Islam, stated that everything is calm and the streets of Tripoli are full of jubilent crowds letting of fireworks and 'celebrating' Gaddafi's rule. He then told foreign reporters: 'If you hear fireworks, don't mistake it for shooting'. All that was missing was the American tanks rolling by.

But the comedy was soon ended by UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, who is calling on European states to keep their borders open for refugees, and on all UN member states to consider sanctions against the country.

So there you have it. Europe is officially the dumping ground for anyone wanting to leave their own country for whatever reason. What checks will Ban Ki Moon do on these refugees? Will Europe receive extra funding for all these refugees ? Will he make sure they are not the people who attacked Lara Logan, will he make sure they are not Gaddaffi's Stasi style police fleeing from the nation they have oppressed for so long, or will there be no checks at all?

So just how long will the people of Europe put up with our own Gaddafis who line their own pockets whilst screwing up once stable countries? No doubt a lot longer than the people in the Middle East.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Glimpse of the Future?

Students are up in arms about tuition fees. How dare the government expect them to pay for their education and of course this justifies the usual student protests complete with banners and t-shirts provided by murky left wing organisations.

So where is the protest about the college full of students monitered by no less than 112 cctv cameras. Even more disturbing, student 'councillors' were apparantly involved in discussions before the cameras were put in.

So the students are so brainwashed, that having their every move spied on and logged presents no reason to protest, and why are there are no murky left wing groups taking up the cause?.

Isn't it strange that the left wing, who are so good at organising protests when it comes to getting other people to pay for resources that they want for nothing, are never to be seen when it comes to erosion of liberty and freedom. It took a right wing organisation, Big Brother Watch, to highlight the sinister nature of spying on children who are only allowed their privacy in the toilets and changing rooms.

If the students of today do not realise that they should protest at such an obvious invasion of their privacy, then what kind of hellish world will they build when it is their turn for power?

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Walking like an Egyptian

I shall not be voting for an alternative vote. In fact, I shall not be voting in any elections for the forseeable future even though, bar once due to illness, I have never missed the chance to use my vote. But really, what is the point?

The Tory Pary are funded by the bankers who have crashed our economy, and the Labour Party are funded by the Unions who, in the past, have crashed our economy. The Liberals would crash our economy but have to rely on doing it in tamdem with other (and it doesn't matter which colour so long as they get the money and power) parties.

The more the politicians are paid, the more they want. The more power they get the more elitist they become. So are our politicians and elite any better than those in the middle east?

Well, inflation here is rising, jobs are scarce, the unemployed will be having their benefits cut unless they find a job in a jobless market, public services have been slashed along with jobs. Savings are pointless, bankruptcies are up, mortgages are down and high streets look like supermarkets for tumbleweed

Who's doing ok though, in our 'all in it together Big Society'? Well, the politicians are doing fine, the bankers are still getting their bonuses, the superstores are selling everything the High Street used to and BP has climbed into bed with it's Russian partner. Are any of these 'elite' really working in the interest of the British people? Of course not. They are driven by money, power and greed.

So maybe we should take a leaf out of the middle east handbook on dealing with corruption, and walk to our own squares like the Egyptians.

And remember, things could only be worse if we had a banker turned politician in power!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I never thought it could happen. It just isn't possible. How could it be?

The peaceful protests in Eygpt have turned violent. Amazing. The celebrations of those politicians convinced they were bringing democracy to the Middle East (mainly members of the Special Needs Party) have dampened to a whimper.

And the Eygptians have been misled. One middle class Egyptian lady interviewed mid-riot was shocked (there's a lot of it about)- apparantly the original protesters had been led to believe Mubarak would go as the protesters had demanded, not get his supporters out on the street to fight his corner.

Meanwhile, Obama has had to come out on the side of the anti-government protesters even though the US have supported Mubarak for many years. Oh dear. So where will Mubarak's loyalties lie should he remain in power. Will he still be pro-USA, depending on them pumping money into Eygpt, as they have done over previous years, keeping him in power. Or will he instead, turn now to the other beleagured middle east leaders sufferng the domino effect to form an anti-western pact, realising what part the US have played in the current situation.

I don't believe democracy can be forced upon people - democracy by it's very nature has to be a consensus, and middle east countries have nowhere near consensus of any kind. Political meddling on this scale is a very dangerous game to play, murderous in fact and there is only one guaranteed outcome - it'll all end in tears

Friday, 28 January 2011

Middle East Britain?

The Tunisian uprising was, amongst other things, the culmination of rising food prices, unemployment and a corrupt elite . The uprising is now spreading across the middle east stopping who knows where. This may or may not be a good thing. Of course getting rid of corrupt elites gladdens the heart but the problem lies with who fills the vacuum.

For too long in Europe, and especially Britain, our very own corrupt elite have survived due to the much more passive nature of Europeans, and particularly the British, in comparision to our Arabic neighbours who tend to react instictively rather than by a minuted committee decision. In fact, it is difficult to imagine Brits rampaging without first collecting their SWP banners, taking a flask and butties and having a meeting in the pub beforehand. But this can quite easily change.

Although I don't believe uprisings have ever been anything but contrived , by groups who want to take power for themselves from the ruling elite, it is entirely possible that violent uprisings could happen here. And our elite only have themsleves to blame.

The policy of enforced multiculturalism in Europe has, as well as positive aspects, given us suicide bombings, Sharia Law, unpatrolled borders letting in any old criminal from around the world, terrorists in parliament, drug gangs, virtually daily shootings around the country and general dissatisfaction from pretty much everyone in society that is not part of the liberal elite.

So when the recession really bites, and the bite will not completely be felt until later this year or perhaps early next year, when inflation rockets, unemployment surpasses anything known in this county and the fight for resources gets going, then our corrupt elite should not sleep easily. Our new multicultural society may prove much more difficult to surpress and may look to Tunisia for inspiration.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Andy Gray v The Taliban

Why the witch hunt against Andy Gray? He made an off air remark that could only offend those who make a habit of being offended. As a woman who sometimes attends footie matches, it is the type of banter that is prevalant on the terraces (I watch real football not the corporate rubbish!) but that's all it is, ................ banter.

If you were offended by his remark you should be immediately sectioned. Anyone who can take umbridge that easily should not be allowed out in general society.

That said, there is something more sinister to this whole affair. Watching the news on BBC last night, equal coverage was given to the Andy Gray/Richard Keys affair and the stoning of two lovers by the Taliban in Afghanistan. After showing this vile scene, the BBC went instantly to the Andy Gray nonsense. Were they trying to equate the two?

Having to resign or be sacked over this nonsense suggests to me that their media masters have been looking for an excuse to get rid, but instead of having the decency to be honest about why they want them to leave, they use the cowardly way out by jumping on this non-comment.

So, if they can't be honest with their own staff, can we really believe that their reporting is any more truthful?

Sunday, 9 January 2011

It's not just an Asian thing

Jack Straw was right to highlight how young girls have been groomed and indeed, is following in the footsteps of that other darling of the left, Nick Griffin, who claimed exactly the same thing and was roundy condemned as a racist.

However, this debate should not be dragged down Racist Road, because this problem is far deeper than race.

I remember getting freeview for the first time and, when scrolling through the channels came across one that was clearly advertising prostitution. Girls writhed on poles and other equipement in various states of undress whilst making provocative gestures. I was shocked. Surely this could not be allowed before the watershed, this was 3pm. Then the penny dropped, I was actually watching a music channel. It got worse though. Listening to the lyrics of the songs, it was clear a sea change had occurred since the Bay City Rollers sang of love and and Slade wished us fun at Christmas. These lyrics spoke of Ho's , girls who wanted to be treated like dirt by men (well boys really) and men who were admired by their peers for treating women like Ho's.

But it certainly does not stop there. There is constant criticsm levelled at young women for dressing provocatively. Well, yes they do, but who provides the clothes. Do our youngsters sit at home sewing their outfits til the early hours or do they buy their outfits from the high street, where clothes have been professionally designed. Similarly, do hoodies stitch their own hoods on?

Next comes underage sex, which is portrayed in the medias the norm. All the soaps have had storylines with under age pregnancies, usually with the emphasis on their being nothing wrong with this, yet if that is the case, then the same must go for underage sex.

Schools also play their role in the sexualisation of children. Decades of sex education for kids yet teenage pregnancies and STDs are constantly on the increase. There was even, fairly recently, suggestion that children as young as 5 should be given sex education. Add to this the promotion of abortion as though it were a morning after pill, with the excuse that a woman has the right to choose who lives and who dies. Well, as we all started out as a few cells, the only right a women should have is the right to abstain because everybody has the right to live.

These are just a few examples of the many ways our youngsters are sexualised from an early age, then if you mix this with a few cultures where women have only a marginally higher status than cattle ,we end up with, well, kids being groomed for sex in Derby. I also have a sneaky suspicion that the children involved did not come from comfortable middle class backgrounds, but from the the estates that house the pregnant teenagers and hoodie boys.

What should happen now, is that we all accept that socialist liberalisation does not work and in fact, is an ever present danger to all our children, no matter what race or culture. Until that is scourged from society, there will be many more children abused.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Eastenders and the PC Fascists

I admit to being a Corrie fan but, in recent years, I have started to watch Eastenders.

After watching the latest sick storyline my New Year's Resolution was not to complain to the organisation that enjoys corrupting anything good and decent, but to boycott the programme.

It wasn't just the awful storyline, and the fact that watching someone who has just suffered a cot death baby and then steal someone else's child whilst pretending theirs is dead might not be tasteful viewing, but the fact that at what should be a happy time of year, the BBC chose to air this programme, to distort real life, without a second thought to those it may hurt.

I recently saw a documentary about Dot Cotton (or rather June Brown) which revealed she is a strong Christian which she does not hide and ensures as much as possible that her cross is on display as much as possible in Eastenders. Not only that but, as an example, when a friend needed her to save his donkey sanctuary, she completed her nightly performace of something or other in the theatre, then drove up to Blackpool, spent the day campaigning in the streets for him (successfully) and then drove straight back to London for the next evenings performance. This to me indicates quite a decent person.

Then I remembered that terrible scene with Dennis Pennis and Dot where he viciously (but verbally) attacked the religious Dot on the evils of religion, systematically trying to destroy her religious beliefs (those scripted for her) and presented the standard arguments for atheism without challenge. It was virtually a Pennis monologue with no christian defence allowed in the scripted one sided onslaught. My, how the PC scriptwriters must have laughed as they subjected a Christian woman to that.

There was even an attack on people who like a drink, in the episodes over Christmas. Apparantly anyone frequenting pubs patake in a few to many, fight, vomit, argue, and worse of all, end up doing the conga at the end of the night. Do they not know that there are no pubs left now except in London? What a vile little world these scriptwriters live in.

So, it's January 6th and I am still boycotting Eastenders, and, if Corrie go too far, I will boycott them as well (although I admit this would be more difficult).

But I refuse to watch twisted, politically correct, crap.