Tuesday, 22 March 2011

£800,000 of Taxpayers money down the drain

Surely the Taxpayers Alliance should investigate? How do they get away with such criminal waste? All those non-jobs and over paid idiots with gold plated pensions and now they throw £800,000 a unit down the drain!

Yep, every missile fired at Libya costs us, the taxpayer, £800,000 (as reported on the Jeremy Vine show today)and is rubber stamped by the government. Not content with the waste of life and money in Afghanistan and Iraq brought about by Nu Labour, our new government now has money to throw away in Libya. What return will we see for our (taxpayers) money? Well, I'll hazard a guess that within a year the Union Jack will be burned on the streets of Tripoli and that 'rebel' snipers will be taking pot shots at our lads and lassies.

Meanwhile the infrastructure and governance of Britain will be pared down to a bare minimum so we can afford £800,000 per missile rather than fund the NHS et al.

Thank goodness the government has got it priorities right!

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