Sunday, 6 March 2011

Christian, Humanist or Other?

The British Humanist Association has declared war on Christians for the census. Their slogan is
'If you're not religious, for Gods sake, say so' is completely uninspiring but meant to skew the results towards atheism. But it did make me start to think about my own beliefs.

According to the Humanists, it is a joke to declare yourself Christian if you don't go to church. or only do the birth, wedding and funeral rounds, which probably pretty much describes my church going habits (with holiday churches thrown in). So am I a Christian, Humanist or an 'other'?

Well, I think the 10 commandments are a pretty good idea, whether you believe that Jesus was the son of God or not.I also like the idea of treating others kindly, having a love based philosopy and a revulsion for the love of money (bankers to you). So I, loosley, live my life according to these ideas, even if I fail to meet them in entirety.

Am I a Humanist? Well, as part of my philosohy degree, I had to read Richard Dawkins, self professed humanist and God hater. How this man can be taken seriously defies belief. He takes a smidgeon of truth, then conjectures a whole world of atheism through his own beliefs without evidence but with a lot of hate. Maybe there is no God or afterlife but then, even Stephen Hawkins has wobbled on his big bang theory, and I have never met an atheist (humanist) that has ever been able to explain to me either how the big bang came about from nothing (even gases have to be formed somewhere) or indeed, what nothing is. So a Humanist I am not.

That leaves me with 'other'. Well, if I'm not a christian or an atheist, surely 'other' can only refer to other belief systems, which I'm not aware of. So that's not me either.

Therefore, for the census, I shall be, very truthfully, declaring myself Christian. I would however like the option to declare my political affiliations to our current system, in which case, I would again, quite truthfully, answer 'other'.

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