Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Scientific Drivel

Yet another new study by scientists has been released purporting to prove something we can see is not right.

This time it is ADHD, that spurious childs complaint that allows children to be medicated for no reason at all. Apparantly, a study by scientists from Cardiff University, and published in the Lancet, has found some kind of genetic link by analysing the DNA of 366 children diagnosed with the disorder.

So at the sweep of a genetic pen, the reason for unruly behaviour is re-written as a brain disorder.

Yet my direct experience of a child diagnosed with ADHD was to see him dosed with Ritalin by parents who just could not/would not cope with the fact he needed regular stimulation. Yes he was an active child, but one that would also behave well when kept busy, but of course that method means that the parent has to put themselves out. The child I talk about is now a non-ritalined adult doing very well for himself in the working world, which provides him with the stimulas so lacking in his childhood.

As an avid watcher of Supernanny, most of the children in the families she is brought in to help display ADHD type behaviour, yet she usually turns the situation around within a week or 2. Episode after episode reveals that the problems nearly always lie with the parents and not the children. Parents who are too busy to pay attention to their children, parents whose work or cleaning of house comes first, parents whose own parents had been poor role models or perhaps too strict, parents who give their children no boundaries and so on.

As I write this, Professer so and so from Cardiff University is on the BBC banging on about this wonderful discovery as though everybody can just forget everything they have seen or known of ADHD and its causes.

But the sadness of this whole nonsense is that now we've had more scientific drivel about ADHD being a genetic problem, not only will the children not get the attention (yes, they are lacking attention!) they need but will no doubt become the guinea pigs for a host of new drugs to make the pharmaceutical companies even richer.

Suffer the little children.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Bilderbergers cool to global warming

There are some of us who have never accepted global warming, wind farms, bins emptied fortnightly, taxed to buggery on a range of products in the name of the 'environment' and so on.
Of course I am one of those, but was extremely surprised and heartened to read this article in the Telegraph.

I also find it interesting that it is now permissable in the mainstream media to refer to the'global elite' and Bilderbergers, when not so long ago if someone merely suggested their exisitance there would be calls for the men in white coats.

Don't forget to visit the Club of Rome website once you've read the Telegrapah article, and then follow the links from Activities, Meetings and 'Joint Dialogue between GLOBE International and the Club of Rome' paying attention to bullet point five.

It all makes interesting reading.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Pope upstages them all

I was feeling quite ashamed to be British before the Popes arrival. I'm not a catholic and neither am I religious although I am open minded about the whys and wherefores of our exisitance, but the bile and hatred about the Popes visit was unremitting.

The anti-catholic build up was clear. Dawkins and Hawkins, followed by more Hawkins and Dawkins, smattered with Tatchell and Pratchett and a negative media assuring us that the Popes visit would be riven by anti-catholic hatred and a public that were up in arms about the money being spent on his visit.

But lo and behold, quite the opposite occured. Apart from the thousands of catholics that attended the popes masses/audiences etc., thousands lined the streets wherever he went. Now given that catholics wanting to see the pope went with their parish, I think it a reasonable assumption that the thousands who were lining the streets were not, in the main, catholics - and they were cheering him not jeering him.

So why? After all, Dawkins, Tatchell, Pratchett and the like have pointed out he is responsible for Aids, teenage pregnancies and paedo priests - oh and don't forget the juvenile Nazi in a skirt jibe, specially formulated as a cliche for Sun readers and the like to whip them into a frenzy of anti-catholicism.

And so they should be. It is quite clear from the Jeremy Kyle show and most social housing estates that the teenagers who don't use condoms, are promiscuous and rely on the state to fund the upbringing of their babies, are clearly doing this out of respect for the pope and the catholic church.

Similarly, the churchs ban on condoms is 'the' reason for the spread of Aids in Africa. Here are Wikipedias reasons.

Let's not forget paedo priests. This is also the Popes fault. Not enough self - flagellation and so on. Whilst what has happened is terrible, lets not forget it happens in many professions, that's why, over the last 12 months or so, organisations dealing with children have put 'Safeguarding' policies into place and demand CRB checks for anyone working with children. The scouts, teaching profession, social services have all had their 'paedo' infiltrators - they are devious sick people who don't announce their intentions. Who will be apologising/self flagellating for these professions?

It has been so heartening to see the crowds turn out for the Pope, because it says to me that that the Athiest propaganda constantly spewed forth is not working, in fact people are seeing right through it.

People don't support the 'Convenicence Killings' of abortion and euthanasia. They don't support a society without morals. They don't want political correctness. They don't want the sneaky Stalinism that is pervading our country. Most of all, whilst many people may not be religious in the way I am not religious, neither do they want a society without religions and particularly not one without Christianity.

Just one last thing. The Nazi in a skirt label was spouted by the media because apparantly the Pope was in the Hitler Youth.

Gregg had a friend, Heinz, who was in the Hitler Youth during his stay in a Catholic orphanage during the war. The Brothers who ran the orphanage felt it best to keep 'on message' with the Athiest Nazis so joined all the kids up. Anytime there were sporting events, Heinz would be called upon to help with the Alter or be put in detention. Poor Heinz, missing his Hitler Youth events. But the brothers knew what they were doing. Had Heinz taken a shower after 'games' his cover would be blown.

He was a Jew. He was also in the Hitler Youth.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Mission even creepier

The buggers continue the onslaught to get their hands on British taxpayers money.

Now that the EU are starting to get their grubby mitts on our financial institutions, next up for grabs is the £3bn rebate negotiated by Margaret Thatcher in 1984.

Regardless of the debate around CAP subsidies, whether the rebate is justified or not, who pays more than who, our taxes should not be used to prop up failing socialist systems, especially at a time when our own economy is in dire straits.

With the current ' Grab the Brits Taxes' policy, this is the perfect opportunity to arouse public interest again in leaving the EU. There is only one person in the country that is seriously fighting to get us out of this socialist nightmare, so take a look at the Nikki Sinclair Campaign for a Referendum on the EU.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Mission Creep

The buggers are after our money again.

The great Euro Project is coming to its end in a shambolic decline of a currency that was doomed, pretty much from the start, as the EU rushed willing states into it's socialist utopia.

But they still want our money and so the new project begins with the EUs creation of three super-regulators for the finance industry ,called 'European Supervision Authorities (ESAs) ,that will oversee areas such as derivative markets, banking and insurance. These authorities will be able to intervene in the activities of member states financial institutions and, most importantly, will sit above individual national regulators. Over time, it is planned that these organisations will gain sweeping powers that will allow them to effectively control national markets and financial institutions.

I will award no prizes for guessing why the EU are doing this, but one thing is for sure, it won't work in our favour. Shame there is no one fighting our corner!

Monday, 6 September 2010

World Leaders?

I've not looked at the Club of Rome site for some time here but decided to update myself on global government to see what has been decided about global issues by the great unelected decision makers.

Tucked away in one of the speeches, made by the Club of Rome's General Secretary, who was also previously employed by the World Bank, was a reference to his advisory role for another organisation called GLOBE. It instantly caught my interest so after a quick google I found myself looking at yet another global government organisation.

Here's some of their own description:
'Globes objective is to support ambitious political leadership on issues of climate and energy security, land use change and eco-systems and economic and population growth. Internationally GLOBE is focussed on progressive leadership from G8 leaders and the leaders of the major emerging economies as well as formal negotiations within the United Nations. GLOBE has a particular interest in the role that international financial institutions can play.
GLOBE shadows the formal G8 negotiations and allows legislators to work together outside the formal international negotiations. Without the burden of formal governmental negotiating positions legislators have the freedom to push the boundaries of what can be politically achieved'.

Maybe G8 is a farce. GLOBE does seem to have a free reign to achieve whatever their international desires are, at least according to their website. I do find it odd that I have never heard GLOBE mentioned in any media format, yet it appears to have more influence over world politics than the G8 leaders who have to work within formal governmental negotiating positions.

Are we being taken for fools?