Friday, 4 May 2012

Well Done UKIP

128 English councils with local elections and, 21 Welsh councils, crap coalition government and terrible recession

UKIP gain = 1 Councillor

Come the revolution............................................

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

They're after our money again!

Good ol' Ken Clark, he never disappoints.

Here's his thought for today:

'Britain should be prepared to accept "proper" financial regulation from Brussels, he went on. But he rejected the idea of an EU "Tobin tax" on financial transactions.

"It's the devil's own job to collect," he said, and added that New York and Hong Kong would not follow suit. '

So, Britain should accept 'proper' financial regulation from the same EU that has brought a continents economic system to the brink of collapse, and is so incompetent (or corrupt depending on your viewpoint) that it can't even manage to get its' books signed off.

And why exactly is it so hard to collect taxes on financial transactions. They seem to manage perfectly well in devising systems to collect VAT, PAYE and all those other rip off systems that are imposed on the man on the Clapham omnibus.

Surely the difficulty cannot be that the banks don't want it?

Monday, 5 December 2011

Can TV sink any further?

Let's start with some background first. In the absence of anything else remotely interesting to watch, we tuned in to the new (trilogy) Channel 4 drama, Black Mirror.

The storyline consisted of a kidnapped princess whose release could only be secured by the Prime Minister.

The writing was sloppier than that of a 5 year old's description of a day at the zoo. The potential kidnappers hideout was identified by the best technology available, because a pair of car headlights were seen. This led to a complex being surrounded by SAS types, who didn't notice that a journalist was freely roaming around managing to bypass their infra-red technology and years of experience in Afghnistan. She got shot, obviously, and there was no sign of the princess.

The writer ignored the fact that situations of this type have occured in the real world, and the response is nearly always the same i.e. never give in to threats of terrorism as they will always come back for more. But hey, peddle it as a surreal drama and it seems you can get away with anything.

Neither the journalists that receved a severed finger apparantly from the princess, nor the police or analysts that handled the finger after, managed to notice without DNA testing that the finger actually belonged to a man and not the demure little princess who had been kidnapped.

But the real tragedy of this 'drama' was its main hook. In order for the kidnapped princess to be released, the Prime Minister would have to fornicate with a pig whilst the act was broadcast live around the world, and of course in this twisted drama, he did just that.

Why are sick and twisted writers being allowed to peddle their malfunctioning sexual desires onto our screens under the guise of entertainment?

And what kind of sick and twisted media corporations let them?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I could predict these riots

Some people really are graduates in 'Master of the Obvious'.

Of all the observations that could be made about the riots, a colleague of mine announced widely, the startling revelation 'Did you know that before the General Election Nick Clegg announced there would be riots'. No further comment required.

Well, if anyone had bothered to listen to the law abiding people in this country, they would find a mass of telepathic civilians with predictions ranging from 'somethings got to give', to 'things can't go on as they are' and so on.

Why? Because people have seen that crime pays, that there are no deterrents through the legal system, that the police have been turned into a uniformed social services, scared to death of acting for fear of the human rights act or some discrimination law or another. There are no morals or beliefs among the rioters - did they check those buildings they were torching to see if anyone was inside? Judging from media footage, this never crossed their tiny little pea shaped minds.

People know that GCSEs at A***** only means the recipient turned up on the day of the exam. They know that the pregnant teenager will be given a property a working family can only dream of. They know that to challenge a group of hoodies could easily mean being stabbed to death and no one will come to their aid. So everyone is at the mercy of the mindless and the downright bad.

So hey, we could all predict that riots or worse would happen. But what next?

Well, Sky news have just been reporting from Enfield. A group of around 50 - 70 men have taken to the streets to support police (although the leader was none too impressed the police protection he had received so far) and stop any further looting/rioting/burning. It will interesting to see if the vigilante method spreads.

However, one thing I've noticed that gives me hope, is that the decent law abiding people of whatever colour and culture in this country, are uniting in fear, anger and disgust at the position we have all been left in by those in power adopting politically correct policies and strategies.

If we stay united and force our politicians to abandon political correctness, then maybe there is hope for the Big Society after all.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Monarchy, Blair and the BBC

The very day after and they just couldn't wait.

No, not Wills and Kate but the BBC. Outraged they were, at the snub to Blair, so suddenly history is rewritten BBC style. The presenters mused over how Blair stabalised the situation after the death of Diana and what a terrible snub it was not to invite him to the wedding. Really? My memory was of him muscling in to take centre stage from the royals, whipping up animosity towards the royals whilst doing the crowd pleaser thing and acting as uninvited mediator between the royals and the masses. This culminated in two young boys being forced to walk, in all their grief, behind their mothers coffin in front of millions. Those who were supposedly mourning Diana showed no concern for the feelings of her children, egged on by Blair.

Next came the compare and contrast pictures. The vile guest presenter held a picture of the masses outside Westminister next to one of the guests inside Westminster Abbey. Did he find it heart warming? The nation coming together? Even the Big Society taking shape? No, the BBC would not hear of it. According to the BBC it was a shameful sight. Just look at the diversity of people outside and just look at the shameful picture of the guests inside who are our leaders, said the vile presenter. Now bear in mind he was only looking at two pictures, and therefore only a visual representation, followed by the use of that word 'diversity' then one can only conclude that the view held by him and given airtime by the BBC, was a purely racist one of hatred towards white people. At this point even the main presenter gave a challenge and said vile presenter was being unfair. But the vile one was having none of it and then allowed to further expound on his views. I switched off at this point to be kind to my blood pressure.

I tuned in again today (not because I like the Beeb but because they have a text service unlike ITV who have removed the excellent teletext service). Maureen Lipman was one of the guest presenters and guess what, when 'the wedding' came up, declared Blair was the one who sorted out their troubles, stabalised the monarchy , didn't get an invite and so on.

One day of Blair arse licking might just be one persons opinion. Two days running - not a chance. It's business as ususal for the Beeb, sucking up to their socialist pals, using the taxpayer funded station as a propaganda machine for said chums and ensuring that whoever is being attacked gets little or no say in the matter.

Whilst it is great to know that Blair is fuming over the lack of a wedding invitation, isn't it time we stopped this propaganda machine. Nobody has yet dared take them on, but if we truely want to stop non-jobs, taxpayer funded propaganda and overpaid fat cats then this is the first place to start.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Taking the Piss

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous....................

If anybody thinks that elections are worth the paper they are printed on, then read this. It's nearly as bad as making Tony Blair the Middle East envoy.

The corrupt elite just cannot help themselves from taking the piss (because they know we will let them)!