Sunday, 1 May 2011

Monarchy, Blair and the BBC

The very day after and they just couldn't wait.

No, not Wills and Kate but the BBC. Outraged they were, at the snub to Blair, so suddenly history is rewritten BBC style. The presenters mused over how Blair stabalised the situation after the death of Diana and what a terrible snub it was not to invite him to the wedding. Really? My memory was of him muscling in to take centre stage from the royals, whipping up animosity towards the royals whilst doing the crowd pleaser thing and acting as uninvited mediator between the royals and the masses. This culminated in two young boys being forced to walk, in all their grief, behind their mothers coffin in front of millions. Those who were supposedly mourning Diana showed no concern for the feelings of her children, egged on by Blair.

Next came the compare and contrast pictures. The vile guest presenter held a picture of the masses outside Westminister next to one of the guests inside Westminster Abbey. Did he find it heart warming? The nation coming together? Even the Big Society taking shape? No, the BBC would not hear of it. According to the BBC it was a shameful sight. Just look at the diversity of people outside and just look at the shameful picture of the guests inside who are our leaders, said the vile presenter. Now bear in mind he was only looking at two pictures, and therefore only a visual representation, followed by the use of that word 'diversity' then one can only conclude that the view held by him and given airtime by the BBC, was a purely racist one of hatred towards white people. At this point even the main presenter gave a challenge and said vile presenter was being unfair. But the vile one was having none of it and then allowed to further expound on his views. I switched off at this point to be kind to my blood pressure.

I tuned in again today (not because I like the Beeb but because they have a text service unlike ITV who have removed the excellent teletext service). Maureen Lipman was one of the guest presenters and guess what, when 'the wedding' came up, declared Blair was the one who sorted out their troubles, stabalised the monarchy , didn't get an invite and so on.

One day of Blair arse licking might just be one persons opinion. Two days running - not a chance. It's business as ususal for the Beeb, sucking up to their socialist pals, using the taxpayer funded station as a propaganda machine for said chums and ensuring that whoever is being attacked gets little or no say in the matter.

Whilst it is great to know that Blair is fuming over the lack of a wedding invitation, isn't it time we stopped this propaganda machine. Nobody has yet dared take them on, but if we truely want to stop non-jobs, taxpayer funded propaganda and overpaid fat cats then this is the first place to start.

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Left-footer said...

BBC? I trust them about as much as I trust The Times.