Saturday, 29 May 2010

Marie Stopes - The Big Con

The Marie Stopes organisation carries out around 65,000 abortions a year and has recently said it is going to advertise it's slaughter services on television. The logic given for this is that they feel too few women are aware of alternatives available to them (i.e. abortion) instead of having to consult their GP.

I can honestly say that I have never met a woman yet who doesn't know about, and how to get an abortion, whether via Marie Stopes or their GP. So why the sudden need for an advertising campaign?

Could it be that women have realised how terrible aborting a baby is? At the time the news of Marie Stopes came out, a colleague of mine brought to work the scan of her pending grandchild, the scan was a 3D affair and taken at 12 weeks (the legal abortion limit is 24 weeks - 6 months). The scan showed a pretty much perfectly formed child, all limbs and associated bits present, in fact it was hard to believe that a child could be this well formed at just 3 months............but it was.

So when Marie Stopes are sluicing another aborted baby aware, they know that it is a child that should have been granted life, just as those of us living were because we started in exactly the same way. Increasing numbers of doctors and nurses are refusing to take part in abortions nearing the upper limit. The reason is obvious. Babies have survived intact being born prematurely at 5 months, yet it is still legal to abort at 6 months, so as a doctor or nurse you know you are complicit in killing a child that could live.

The pro-choice brigade defend this slaughter on the grounds that before abortion was legal, it was all knitting needles in filthy back lanes at risk of death if you wanted to get rid. They don't tell you that those days were before effective contraception, welfare benefit support, and a society that cares not one iota if you are a single parent without a father.

Therefore, there is no excuse for this slaughter. Regardless of what the twittering classes care to fool themselves about, women are fully aware of the options available to them. What the Marie Stopes organisation is worried about is, that now women are aware of what a terrible thing abortion is, their profits will drop, hence the advertising.

I don't normally wish that businesses (and make no mistake it is a business) fold, but in this case, the sooner the better.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Pete Reeve - Taxpayers Champion

Pete Reeve is now UKIPs Local Government spokesman and his article on the ukip website has thrilled readers with his attack on Cameron as follows:

'A major Tory U-turn on bin tax has been criticized by UKIP’s local government spokesman, Pete Reeve.

In yet another example of the Tories watering down promises and backtracking on manifesto pledges, new Environment minister Caroline Spelman said yesterday that councils should be free to impose their own taxes on refuse collections.

The statement comes despite a Conservative manifesto pledge to encourage councils to pay people to recycle, and only four weeks after Mrs Spelman claimed the Tories would “scrap Labour’s bin bully policies of bin cuts, bin fines and bin taxes”.

Pete Reeve, UKIP councillor for Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire, said: “The Conservative promise to not allow an extra tax on families for collecting house hold bins was just a load of rubbish.

“Cameron's Party has lost its way and abandoned traditional Conservative values. This issue simply highlights what UKIP has been saying all along – a promise from Cameron is simply not to be trusted.With council tax rises rightly capped, but mismanagement and political correctness causing costs to escalate, it will be all too tempting for Councils to take advantage of the new stealth taxes.

Conservative voters are now seeing Cameron and his ministers for what they are – politicians prepared to compromise Conservative values and break promises.”

So then, what Pete is saying is that ukip supporters should not have voted for the tory party, even though ukips leader told them too.

Funny he didn't protest this at the time Lord Pearson announced his intentions.

But hey, it gets better. What's this about mismanagement causing costs to escalate. Could this be something to do with Pete Reeve taking taxpayers money (via the EU) but doing virtually nothing for it (Source:Stuart Agnew)?

Or are costs escalating in Huntingdonshire because Pete claims to work 38 hours per week for Agnew and Campbell Bannerman and also claims to work 100 hours a week in his 'spare' time for ukip (Source: Pete Reeve quoted in 'The Town Crier) but still claims around £5000 a year from the Huntingdonshire taxpayer but only works for ukip. Surely this kind of local government mismanagement needs to be stopped.

Perhaps the Taxpayers Alliance could investigate?

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

UKIP Closing Down Sale

UKIP are reducing their stock in order to attract new custom. Their website gives the following reason:

'The formation of a Con-Dem coalition has left millions of British voters disenfranchised - no-one voted for this unworkable hybrid. So straight talking UKIP is offering disaffected Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour voters the chance of a FREE year's membership to give voice to their discontent and a chance to show the old failed parties that you believe in honesty and transparency in politics, not shabby deals made behind closed doors.

Members receive personal invitations to area events in advance and a regular digital newsletter. However, members joining under the FREE scheme, do not have internal party voting rights. '

I wonder if any of those disenfranchised voters, voted for these parties on Lord Pearson's advice. After all, had he told them to vote for UKIP candidates instead of the other three main parties they may not have ended up with 'this unworkable hybrid' .

So now the party smacks of despereration in advertising a free membership that gives no internal party voting rights.

Which makes the Pearson/Farage message go something like this

Vote for me and my Tory chums
Sideline UKIP PPCs
We'll tear the UKIP threat apart
We'll swing it so they get no MPs

And now UKIP's screwed with no MPs
Bankruptcy's next on our list
We've completed the job for our Tory chums
So we're all in the pub and we're pissed!

Ah well. The UKIP brand will soon be joining that other famous brand......................Woolworths.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I'm Shocked

The deal is done , Cameron is in. Nick Clegg will be preening about whatever sordid little deal he did with Cameron. Cameron will be preening in his new role, new house, and of course a new baby to boot (ee).

If Clegg had any principles at all, he would make no deals.

He effectively had a veto over the two main parties if his party had remained independent of any coalition. Granted, they would not be in the policy driving seat (they won't be anyway), but a with a veto over the two main parties, you can certainly push policy in your own direction. But no. Just like so many unprincipled people working in politics, he has chosen to sell out, compromise his principles (whatever they were/if he had any), go for the cabinet job, go for the money, in fact go for anything bar continue to fight for their cause.

Cameron of course fares no better. Desperate to get his slippers in situ behind the big black door he would have a pact with the devil if it meant he could boot out Gordon - who needs principles when money and power are at stake eh?

So the shock? Well, in the end it was the Labour Party. They refused the dirty deal, even if it means years in opposition. This is the first time I can remember any principle being shown by the Labour Party so maybe I will give them more of a chance in the future.

If only the leader of a certain smaller party had shown some principle, then maybe they could have held the balance of power after this election instead of Cleggs lot. But of course, Old Bean, that would never do.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Open Letter to Lord Pearson and the UKIP Leadership

Phillip Wray has written an open letter to Lord Pearson and the UKIP leadership pretty much condemning their management of the party and their General Election strategy. The transcript can be viewed at Junius

Whilst his letter details much of what is wrong with UKIP, sadly it has all been said and written before - remember the letter Roger Knapman wrote warning of what was to come (?). Many of us realised long ago that certain leading lights seemed to be holding the party back and that the NEC was being stacked with politically amoral sycophants whose only aim was to get their snouts in the trough.

I can remember a conversation with Pete Reeve on a trip to Brussels when he looked gooey eyed at the wealth and grandeur that oozed from the parliamentary building. 'Wow', I'd love to work here, it's amazing' . My answer to him was short and not particularly sweet, but it did reveal to me how he was already in the process of going native, and that was before he was working for UKIP.

What's that got to do with Phillip Wray? Well I imagine Phillip, like many UKIP supporters, genuinely wants a UKIP that is a credible party, with a leadership that is genuinely working to get Britain out of the EU and a UKIP that is not mired in corruption. Instead they get the likes of Pete Reeve - amoral, sycophantic and would do anything to get a fast buck.

What Phillip will more than likely find out now, is that he will be attacked for being anti-UKIP, be accused of being a BNP infiltrator or pro-EU, perhap he will be named as Junius or Rosie or maybe he will even find a dodgy video of himself posted on You Tube by a morrocan taxi driver.

Good luck to you Phillip, because you have had the courage to speak out and because I suspect you will need it.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

UKIP Flop-Yet Again!

So with all the resources available to UKIP only 3% of the electorate thought of them as a viable alternative to the three main parties. Even the Greens managed to get 1 MP for goodness sake.

As it is now clear that the strategy of having MEPs has made no difference whatsoever to getting Britain out of the EU and that the same strategy has led to unabashed corruption (Tom Wise et al), surely it is time for all UKIP MEPs to do the honourable thing and resign en masse from the European Parliament and concentrate their time and energy building up a credible reputation (which it clearly hasn't got at the moment) in this country.

If not, one can only conclude that they care not one jot about leaving the EU, nor about Britain, but are there purely to line their pockets.

Should any decent Ukipper wish to join a party that believes Britain should leave the EU and concentrate on making improvements in this country, then take a look at the Libertarian Party.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

An alternative for Ukippers

The day of reckoning has finally arrived.

Gregg tells me Nikkis campaign has gone very well and has had a lot of support from disgruntled Ukippers who are incensed at the way their own candidates have been stabbed in the back by Lord Pearson and Lord Farage.

Farage should note that Ukippers are not fooled in the least by his ploy of putting Pearson in the firing line for asking voters to vote for pro-EU parties.

Unfortunately, the fallout from the Pearson/Fargage closure of UKIP plays right into their hands. They will be kept in situ till the end of their terms with a good pension (or two), perhaps Farage given a Lordship, UKIP left in meltdown thereby ridding the EU of what could have been real opposition to further integration. Now, integration, which may have a slight hiccup with the collapse of the Euro, will continue nonetheless. Job done.

There is an alternative of course, so look up the Libertarian Party and start to make a real difference.