Wednesday, 19 May 2010

UKIP Closing Down Sale

UKIP are reducing their stock in order to attract new custom. Their website gives the following reason:

'The formation of a Con-Dem coalition has left millions of British voters disenfranchised - no-one voted for this unworkable hybrid. So straight talking UKIP is offering disaffected Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour voters the chance of a FREE year's membership to give voice to their discontent and a chance to show the old failed parties that you believe in honesty and transparency in politics, not shabby deals made behind closed doors.

Members receive personal invitations to area events in advance and a regular digital newsletter. However, members joining under the FREE scheme, do not have internal party voting rights. '

I wonder if any of those disenfranchised voters, voted for these parties on Lord Pearson's advice. After all, had he told them to vote for UKIP candidates instead of the other three main parties they may not have ended up with 'this unworkable hybrid' .

So now the party smacks of despereration in advertising a free membership that gives no internal party voting rights.

Which makes the Pearson/Farage message go something like this

Vote for me and my Tory chums
Sideline UKIP PPCs
We'll tear the UKIP threat apart
We'll swing it so they get no MPs

And now UKIP's screwed with no MPs
Bankruptcy's next on our list
We've completed the job for our Tory chums
So we're all in the pub and we're pissed!

Ah well. The UKIP brand will soon be joining that other famous brand......................Woolworths.


Anonymous said...

How about this Rosie?

UKIP never had a Win/Win plan
While being run by the Farage Clan
Now Lord Pearson's the boss
The Party is truly at a loss

"My cunning Plan all along
is to make UKIP weak not Strong.
For when the Tories win the election,
Farage will be on the House of Lords selection."

UKIP was never designed to win,
But to become the Eurosceptic Bin.
The only aim was to create commotion,
thereby ensuring Farage's Promotion.

When UKIP does eventually Fail
Farage will leave with the following tale,
"I did my best! My best you see,
We would have won but for the BNP."

Damian said...

Nice poetry, keep up the good work. As another ex-UKIPPER I can only say that when the whole truth about UKIP comes out it will be truly devastating.

Rosie said...

Thanks to you both.

How sad it is that UKIP, which was such a great party, has been debased and corrupted to the extent it has.