Saturday, 8 May 2010

UKIP Flop-Yet Again!

So with all the resources available to UKIP only 3% of the electorate thought of them as a viable alternative to the three main parties. Even the Greens managed to get 1 MP for goodness sake.

As it is now clear that the strategy of having MEPs has made no difference whatsoever to getting Britain out of the EU and that the same strategy has led to unabashed corruption (Tom Wise et al), surely it is time for all UKIP MEPs to do the honourable thing and resign en masse from the European Parliament and concentrate their time and energy building up a credible reputation (which it clearly hasn't got at the moment) in this country.

If not, one can only conclude that they care not one jot about leaving the EU, nor about Britain, but are there purely to line their pockets.

Should any decent Ukipper wish to join a party that believes Britain should leave the EU and concentrate on making improvements in this country, then take a look at the Libertarian Party.


Anonymous said...

UKIP did stop the Tories and that was their stated goal. Looks like a win to me.

The Tories are spewing :)

Rosie said...

If that was your stated goal, why was your leader running up and down the country telling people to vote for Tory candidates instead of for your own UKIP PPCs. You may not have realised it but UKIP got zero MPs and given the pro-EU fanatical Lib Dems the chance to be in a coalition government. Jolly Good Show.

Only the blindest of sycophants could call it a win!