Thursday, 6 May 2010

An alternative for Ukippers

The day of reckoning has finally arrived.

Gregg tells me Nikkis campaign has gone very well and has had a lot of support from disgruntled Ukippers who are incensed at the way their own candidates have been stabbed in the back by Lord Pearson and Lord Farage.

Farage should note that Ukippers are not fooled in the least by his ploy of putting Pearson in the firing line for asking voters to vote for pro-EU parties.

Unfortunately, the fallout from the Pearson/Fargage closure of UKIP plays right into their hands. They will be kept in situ till the end of their terms with a good pension (or two), perhaps Farage given a Lordship, UKIP left in meltdown thereby ridding the EU of what could have been real opposition to further integration. Now, integration, which may have a slight hiccup with the collapse of the Euro, will continue nonetheless. Job done.

There is an alternative of course, so look up the Libertarian Party and start to make a real difference.

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