Sunday, 9 May 2010

Open Letter to Lord Pearson and the UKIP Leadership

Phillip Wray has written an open letter to Lord Pearson and the UKIP leadership pretty much condemning their management of the party and their General Election strategy. The transcript can be viewed at Junius

Whilst his letter details much of what is wrong with UKIP, sadly it has all been said and written before - remember the letter Roger Knapman wrote warning of what was to come (?). Many of us realised long ago that certain leading lights seemed to be holding the party back and that the NEC was being stacked with politically amoral sycophants whose only aim was to get their snouts in the trough.

I can remember a conversation with Pete Reeve on a trip to Brussels when he looked gooey eyed at the wealth and grandeur that oozed from the parliamentary building. 'Wow', I'd love to work here, it's amazing' . My answer to him was short and not particularly sweet, but it did reveal to me how he was already in the process of going native, and that was before he was working for UKIP.

What's that got to do with Phillip Wray? Well I imagine Phillip, like many UKIP supporters, genuinely wants a UKIP that is a credible party, with a leadership that is genuinely working to get Britain out of the EU and a UKIP that is not mired in corruption. Instead they get the likes of Pete Reeve - amoral, sycophantic and would do anything to get a fast buck.

What Phillip will more than likely find out now, is that he will be attacked for being anti-UKIP, be accused of being a BNP infiltrator or pro-EU, perhap he will be named as Junius or Rosie or maybe he will even find a dodgy video of himself posted on You Tube by a morrocan taxi driver.

Good luck to you Phillip, because you have had the courage to speak out and because I suspect you will need it.

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Ex UKIP Member said...

They claim to want to leave the European Union but are wallowing around in the cash they get from sitting in it's parliament.

Greedy hypocrites the lot of them.