Friday, 28 January 2011

Middle East Britain?

The Tunisian uprising was, amongst other things, the culmination of rising food prices, unemployment and a corrupt elite . The uprising is now spreading across the middle east stopping who knows where. This may or may not be a good thing. Of course getting rid of corrupt elites gladdens the heart but the problem lies with who fills the vacuum.

For too long in Europe, and especially Britain, our very own corrupt elite have survived due to the much more passive nature of Europeans, and particularly the British, in comparision to our Arabic neighbours who tend to react instictively rather than by a minuted committee decision. In fact, it is difficult to imagine Brits rampaging without first collecting their SWP banners, taking a flask and butties and having a meeting in the pub beforehand. But this can quite easily change.

Although I don't believe uprisings have ever been anything but contrived , by groups who want to take power for themselves from the ruling elite, it is entirely possible that violent uprisings could happen here. And our elite only have themsleves to blame.

The policy of enforced multiculturalism in Europe has, as well as positive aspects, given us suicide bombings, Sharia Law, unpatrolled borders letting in any old criminal from around the world, terrorists in parliament, drug gangs, virtually daily shootings around the country and general dissatisfaction from pretty much everyone in society that is not part of the liberal elite.

So when the recession really bites, and the bite will not completely be felt until later this year or perhaps early next year, when inflation rockets, unemployment surpasses anything known in this county and the fight for resources gets going, then our corrupt elite should not sleep easily. Our new multicultural society may prove much more difficult to surpress and may look to Tunisia for inspiration.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Andy Gray v The Taliban

Why the witch hunt against Andy Gray? He made an off air remark that could only offend those who make a habit of being offended. As a woman who sometimes attends footie matches, it is the type of banter that is prevalant on the terraces (I watch real football not the corporate rubbish!) but that's all it is, ................ banter.

If you were offended by his remark you should be immediately sectioned. Anyone who can take umbridge that easily should not be allowed out in general society.

That said, there is something more sinister to this whole affair. Watching the news on BBC last night, equal coverage was given to the Andy Gray/Richard Keys affair and the stoning of two lovers by the Taliban in Afghanistan. After showing this vile scene, the BBC went instantly to the Andy Gray nonsense. Were they trying to equate the two?

Having to resign or be sacked over this nonsense suggests to me that their media masters have been looking for an excuse to get rid, but instead of having the decency to be honest about why they want them to leave, they use the cowardly way out by jumping on this non-comment.

So, if they can't be honest with their own staff, can we really believe that their reporting is any more truthful?

Sunday, 9 January 2011

It's not just an Asian thing

Jack Straw was right to highlight how young girls have been groomed and indeed, is following in the footsteps of that other darling of the left, Nick Griffin, who claimed exactly the same thing and was roundy condemned as a racist.

However, this debate should not be dragged down Racist Road, because this problem is far deeper than race.

I remember getting freeview for the first time and, when scrolling through the channels came across one that was clearly advertising prostitution. Girls writhed on poles and other equipement in various states of undress whilst making provocative gestures. I was shocked. Surely this could not be allowed before the watershed, this was 3pm. Then the penny dropped, I was actually watching a music channel. It got worse though. Listening to the lyrics of the songs, it was clear a sea change had occurred since the Bay City Rollers sang of love and and Slade wished us fun at Christmas. These lyrics spoke of Ho's , girls who wanted to be treated like dirt by men (well boys really) and men who were admired by their peers for treating women like Ho's.

But it certainly does not stop there. There is constant criticsm levelled at young women for dressing provocatively. Well, yes they do, but who provides the clothes. Do our youngsters sit at home sewing their outfits til the early hours or do they buy their outfits from the high street, where clothes have been professionally designed. Similarly, do hoodies stitch their own hoods on?

Next comes underage sex, which is portrayed in the medias the norm. All the soaps have had storylines with under age pregnancies, usually with the emphasis on their being nothing wrong with this, yet if that is the case, then the same must go for underage sex.

Schools also play their role in the sexualisation of children. Decades of sex education for kids yet teenage pregnancies and STDs are constantly on the increase. There was even, fairly recently, suggestion that children as young as 5 should be given sex education. Add to this the promotion of abortion as though it were a morning after pill, with the excuse that a woman has the right to choose who lives and who dies. Well, as we all started out as a few cells, the only right a women should have is the right to abstain because everybody has the right to live.

These are just a few examples of the many ways our youngsters are sexualised from an early age, then if you mix this with a few cultures where women have only a marginally higher status than cattle ,we end up with, well, kids being groomed for sex in Derby. I also have a sneaky suspicion that the children involved did not come from comfortable middle class backgrounds, but from the the estates that house the pregnant teenagers and hoodie boys.

What should happen now, is that we all accept that socialist liberalisation does not work and in fact, is an ever present danger to all our children, no matter what race or culture. Until that is scourged from society, there will be many more children abused.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Eastenders and the PC Fascists

I admit to being a Corrie fan but, in recent years, I have started to watch Eastenders.

After watching the latest sick storyline my New Year's Resolution was not to complain to the organisation that enjoys corrupting anything good and decent, but to boycott the programme.

It wasn't just the awful storyline, and the fact that watching someone who has just suffered a cot death baby and then steal someone else's child whilst pretending theirs is dead might not be tasteful viewing, but the fact that at what should be a happy time of year, the BBC chose to air this programme, to distort real life, without a second thought to those it may hurt.

I recently saw a documentary about Dot Cotton (or rather June Brown) which revealed she is a strong Christian which she does not hide and ensures as much as possible that her cross is on display as much as possible in Eastenders. Not only that but, as an example, when a friend needed her to save his donkey sanctuary, she completed her nightly performace of something or other in the theatre, then drove up to Blackpool, spent the day campaigning in the streets for him (successfully) and then drove straight back to London for the next evenings performance. This to me indicates quite a decent person.

Then I remembered that terrible scene with Dennis Pennis and Dot where he viciously (but verbally) attacked the religious Dot on the evils of religion, systematically trying to destroy her religious beliefs (those scripted for her) and presented the standard arguments for atheism without challenge. It was virtually a Pennis monologue with no christian defence allowed in the scripted one sided onslaught. My, how the PC scriptwriters must have laughed as they subjected a Christian woman to that.

There was even an attack on people who like a drink, in the episodes over Christmas. Apparantly anyone frequenting pubs patake in a few to many, fight, vomit, argue, and worse of all, end up doing the conga at the end of the night. Do they not know that there are no pubs left now except in London? What a vile little world these scriptwriters live in.

So, it's January 6th and I am still boycotting Eastenders, and, if Corrie go too far, I will boycott them as well (although I admit this would be more difficult).

But I refuse to watch twisted, politically correct, crap.