Thursday, 23 December 2010

UKIP: Homophobes and Incompetents

Nikki Sinclaire MEP has won her case against her former UKIP Colleagues. Well done Nikki - keep up the good work. The net is only just starting to close in on Nigel and his muppets.

Almost as good as Nikkis win was the UKIP response explaining why they had not put up a defence (apart from the obvious - that they haven't got one). Apparantly their response to the action was 'regrettably missed due to an administrative error'. A Party Spokesman said 'the respondents have always intended to defend this case vigorously'.

So vigourously that they missed the date for filing a response?

Now we all know that Double Agent Farage has staffed UKIP with incompetents but surely even a checkout girl wouldn't miss such an important deadline in a case such as this. Dear oh dear. No wonder no-one knows where all that money from Ashford went.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Bring back Slavery

That's obviously what employers want.

A survey by T6 has revealed that the lazy British worker spends on average 24 minutes a day brewing up for them and their colleagues. They suggest that employers should crack down on this type of idleness before those lazy employees bankrupt the country and leave it with the biggest debt ever known.

Funnily enough, I googled 'T6' expecting to find a research company complete with mission statements and all that PC nonsense but instead I found a company that, wait for it............sells water coolers. Funny the BBC article doesn't mention that.

Monday, 13 December 2010

As the festive season mooches towards it's climax, I thought we could look at what the new year would bring. Here's a clue.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Prince Andrew and the patriotic scare

Andrew has actually gone up in my estimation.

The Americans take objection, in a cable leaked to Wikileaks, to his 'unmitigated patriotic fervour', his rude language (how prudish are the yanks exactly?) and because his openess encourages the same from other businessmen present who then reveal truths about their own country.

Long may Wikileaks continue.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Tip of the Iceberg

Long may Wikileaks survive. Chances of Wikileaks surviving? Probably nil!

As well as extradition, Wikileaks have now had their banks accounts frozen. And so they should.

It is disgraceful to allow Joe 'numpty' Public to know who is greasing whose palms, that we are propping up a manic depressive in Afghanistan (like the poor sods don't have enough problems), and that Berlesconi is a debauched moron.

And just how, maybe can Wikileaks can tell me, did the we manage to spend 15 million pounds on a world cup bid that produced just 2 votes, one of which came from ourselves.

May the Gods favour Wikileaks, because at this point in time, they are the only ones telling the truth.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

So the Soviets saved us from Hitler!

Our friends at Russia today provide us yet again with an interesing article that describes how the soviet union were the only force capable of confronting the war machine of Nazi Germany in the early stages of World War Two and of ensuring its defeat in the final stages.

So what about the Molotov - Ribbentrop Pact then? It remained in place till June 1941 which, but maybe I am mistaken according to Russian logic, was the early stages of World War II.

The article uses basic spin , so whilst it may be true that they were the only force capable of confronting the Nazi war machine in the early stages, the fact is that..............well, they did no confronting at all.

But I shouldn't be too harsh on the Russians, after all, they are only re-writing their history to suit their politicians, and people in glass houses......................

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Here is the take on 'the war on terror' Russian style.

The globalisation agenda works very well for totalitarian governments and in true Russian communist style, the incentive to combat terrorism is not any sense that it might be wrong, but the lure of that thing that communists always purport to hate - Money!

Yep, informants will be paid for informing on imminent terrorist attacks - and we know how well informing on our neighbours out of fear of greed worked for the Nazis. But lo and behold, the powers of the FSB (or is that the KGB?) will be increased to provide for fines (bribes?) and detentions (for anyone who pisses them off?).

The totalitarian net tightens. Where will it end?

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Come Dine With Me

There's no hope!

Just watching a 'Come Dine With Me' when the hostess of the evening mentioned Christmas. In a flash, she spun to the camera and asked 'can I say Christmas?'.

Granted she was from Yorkshire, people not known for their backbone, but good grief, she's that shit scared of the PC mob that she has to ask permission to mention Christmas. Would she have done that if she had mentioned Ramadan, I wonder?

Get a backbone, Britain, or accept your role as second class citizens.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Coalition Cock-Ups

Why is anyone surprised at the remarks by Lord Young? Did you really think that this coalition government has any kind of reality check going on?

Cameron may distance himself from Youngs comments and claim that they are his individual views, yet I've heard Cameron and other coalition ministers use the phrase 'we're all in it together' on several occassions. Now, with the best will in the world, I really don't see how millionaires and overpaid politicians can be 'in it' with those who are thrown out of work. At what point will they be worrying about paying bills or having their houses repossessed (for clarification, Lord Young, if you are unemployed with a mortgage you can't pay it doesn't matter if the interest rate is zero!).

Lets look at some of the other little quirks in the great plan
  • They're going to cut the Housing Benefit bill but make social housing landlords raise rent to 80% of market value. Doesn't that mean more housing benefit will need to be paid?
  • As thousands of people are being made unemployed, benefits will be cut for those who don't get one of the jobs that aren't there.
  • Although there a few jobs to be had, and most are not paying a living wage, and those who don't have one will be expected to pick litter for £1 and hour

And as I've been writing this post, the BBC have just reported that new tenants of social landlords (Housing associations, council housing etc) will be given fixed two year tenancies. At the end of the two years, the landlord will have to assess the tenants income and then, if they are deemed to earn over whatever limit is set, will be given 6 months notice to get out.

So forget sustainable communities - new tenants will have the threat of eviction dangling over them as soon as they arrive, so why care about the community they may shortly be leaving. Forget affordable housing - 80% market rents is not affordable for someone who earns 6 quid an hour. Forget reducing the housing benefit bill - nearly everyone eligible for social housing will not be earning enough to pay market rents (hence the reason they applied for social housing!). Forget downsizing bureaucracy - we'll need to create income checkers and hire many more court bailiffs for the subsequent evictions

And so on............

But Young was partially right. The politicians, bankers and millionaires have never had it so good.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Ireland Surrenders?

The big guns are arriving today to get Ireland to surrender.

The IMF, ECB and EU mafia are turning up in Ireland for 'talks' about the debt crisis. What this means in real terms is that the organisations set up to protect billionaire bankers, now want to screw more taxpayers money from yet another country to keep afloat the banks that caused the debt crisis in the first place.

Once the banks are safe, then will come the massive cuts, aimed at the working and middle classes, who will be thrown into the world of unemployment statistics, while the bankers continue to pat themselves on the back for screwing so much out of the taxpayer.

Make no mistake, bailing out banks creates more economic misery than if they were left to go bust and it is us that will bear the brunt.

Strange also, that nothing has been heard from the Gruesome Twosome, Adams and Macguinnes, now they've become establishment lackeys. They didn't want to be ruled by Britain but find it ok to hand all Irish finances over to the EU?

More bloody hypocrisy!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Luck of the Irish

And now our future lies with the Irish.

So Ireland, for everyones sake, don't accept the EU bailout. When the President of Europe tells you that 'countries need to work together' to secure the future of the Euro just remember what you were told before you joined the Euro. That it was the answer to wealth and prosperity for all, that you could not survive outside Europe, that you needed to be in the Euro for trading purposes, that the EU would stop World War 3 and so on.

Yet just look at where you are now.

But you could do us all a favour. Default on your bonds and persuade Greece and Portugal to do the same. Times would be tough for a while but not as tough as it would be if the Euro collapses after you accept a bailout, and any bailout will come with conditions that will forever remove your independence by putting you in hock for eternity.

So do us all a favour, stuff the EU and may the luck of the Irish be with you.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Protest Like Gandhi

Just as it looked as though Britain we going to take these ridiculous cuts lying down, students mobilised themselves (I'll come back to this) and took their protest to Millbank, Tory Headquarters.

Now I applaud the reasons for the protest. Why should our brightest be landed with a debt, before leaving university, that will propbably take most of them till they retire to pay off, assuming there will be jobs for them in the first place. It's just more of the population landed in the debt of the bankers, and even the Magna Carta recognised that encouraging debt is wrong.

However, the protest turned violent as it was 'hijacked' by extremists.

As far as I am concerned, once you allow violence into your protest you have lost the argument. The extreme left and right will always try to hijack student protests, but as the hope for the future, students must take control and stop those looking to corrupt their protests with violence.

In other words, do it Gandhi style

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Election Overdrive

Bloody Hell. I was looking forward to a quiet Christmas and our holiday in January when Phil Woolas gets himself kicked out of parliament.

The next thing I know Gregg has announced he is standing in the by-election, whenever that will be, and suddenly the phone is ringing off the hook. There are leaflet drafts, post it notes, messages on backs of envelopes and a whole host of other election material cluttering up the dining table and I have a feeling the mess will get worse.

However, the amount of support pledged to help Gregg, from both Libertarian Party members and UKIP (ex and current) activists makes it worthwhile. There seems to be an overwhelming view from all sides that there is no anti/non establishment representation in politics today and the EU rules ever supreme.

There is obvioulsy a link between the amount of support we are getting from Ukippers and the election of Farage as the partys' leader. Most seem to believe it is the end of Ukip and are sickened by it. However, personally I think the result was a good one and that Ukip have not functioned as anything other than a self serving machine for Farage and his greedy sycophants for some time.

Congdon and Batten put up a good fight, but had they been elected, the charade of Ukip wanting to leave the EU would have been maintained to the public while Congdon and Batten would spend all their time fighting off dirty tricks from the Faragistas to protect their euros, leaving them no time to fight off the EU.

So, if Gregg acheives nothing else, he will remain true to the principles of free speech, respresentation of non establishment views and leaving the EU, but remember this Gregg. I am not Mrs Farage, paid £30,000 pa of taxpayers money to do ??????, but an unpaid spouse with a real job, so keep that table tidy or else!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

A Man Without Conviction

As Barack Obama is struggling to retain public confidence at home, and looks set for a thrashing in the forthcoming elections, he has chosen to defend his reforms on the The Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart.

He trotted onto the show to an audience cheering him like he had just won the X Factor, so no packed audience there. Cue a little friendly banter and then onto the serious stuff. Jon Stewart asked him about his lightweight legislation and watered down healthcare reforms to which Obama replied in statesmanlike manner.................................'er, er, Jon, now you know I like your show........................'.

But why the hesitation? Surely Mr Obama is passionate about healthcare reforms? In which case he should have jumped in, told Stewart it was about time all people were given decent health care, that given the opposition from other parties no way was his legislation watered down and so on. However, struggling for an answer Mr Obama had to play for time to give his response

Now I've seen that response hundreds of times when interviewing people, as they play for time whilst trying to formulate an answer that they think will impress the interviewer, or audience in this case. But why would Obama have this reaction? Surely he knows why he has pushed through healthcare reforms and surely he is passionate about the subject, but strangly, couldn't give an immediate answer.

The only conclusion this leads to is that he is another political 'placement', just heading a state in a consultancy capacity, hired by incompetents to push through policies that he knows little about and certainly has no passion for. Basically spin without conviction. Mind you, I suppose it was a comedy programme.

But it really is 'time for change' from these appalling pretend politicians.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Mike Natrass and the Corruption of UKIP

Well done Mike Natrass. Your open and truthful account of Nigel Farage took me down memory lane.

I remembered my first experience of Nigel Farage was at the National Motor Museum in Birmingham. I'd never been to a political conference before and expected something akin to statesman like behaviour from the fairly recently elected UKIP policticians. The first 'statesman' I got to hear was Farage himself and statesman like he was not.

He had spoke for or against a particular motion and expected the audience to rubber stamp his view. When the motion did not go his way, he berated his audience/supporters/UKIP members and flounced out of the conference hall in high dudgeon. I laughed as it was so camp I thought it was just a theatrical political joke and he would come back into the conference hall to the amusement of the audience. But no, it was Farage in control freak mode, how dare the plebs go against what he wanted. I was left with an uneasy feeling.

In the following years, it became clear that the only people Farage wanted in his Farage party were no hopers who would dance to his tune in the absence of being able to create their own tune of adhere to any kind of decent morals.

The NEC elections were particularly interesting, where unknown checkout girls living in the North West suddenly managed to gain more votes than the great Fuhrer himself. Then there were those people who stood up to him, only to be revealed as sympathisers of the far right or the BNP.

Then there was 'that' video. You know the one - it got found by a Morrocan taxi driver who posted said video on t'internet' and so on....................the amazing coincidences are endless.

So I congratulate Mike, and Nikki Sinclair, as you have both stood up against the most corrupt individual I have ever come across. Good luck in everything you do and remember, the truth will out.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Scientific Drivel

Yet another new study by scientists has been released purporting to prove something we can see is not right.

This time it is ADHD, that spurious childs complaint that allows children to be medicated for no reason at all. Apparantly, a study by scientists from Cardiff University, and published in the Lancet, has found some kind of genetic link by analysing the DNA of 366 children diagnosed with the disorder.

So at the sweep of a genetic pen, the reason for unruly behaviour is re-written as a brain disorder.

Yet my direct experience of a child diagnosed with ADHD was to see him dosed with Ritalin by parents who just could not/would not cope with the fact he needed regular stimulation. Yes he was an active child, but one that would also behave well when kept busy, but of course that method means that the parent has to put themselves out. The child I talk about is now a non-ritalined adult doing very well for himself in the working world, which provides him with the stimulas so lacking in his childhood.

As an avid watcher of Supernanny, most of the children in the families she is brought in to help display ADHD type behaviour, yet she usually turns the situation around within a week or 2. Episode after episode reveals that the problems nearly always lie with the parents and not the children. Parents who are too busy to pay attention to their children, parents whose work or cleaning of house comes first, parents whose own parents had been poor role models or perhaps too strict, parents who give their children no boundaries and so on.

As I write this, Professer so and so from Cardiff University is on the BBC banging on about this wonderful discovery as though everybody can just forget everything they have seen or known of ADHD and its causes.

But the sadness of this whole nonsense is that now we've had more scientific drivel about ADHD being a genetic problem, not only will the children not get the attention (yes, they are lacking attention!) they need but will no doubt become the guinea pigs for a host of new drugs to make the pharmaceutical companies even richer.

Suffer the little children.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Bilderbergers cool to global warming

There are some of us who have never accepted global warming, wind farms, bins emptied fortnightly, taxed to buggery on a range of products in the name of the 'environment' and so on.
Of course I am one of those, but was extremely surprised and heartened to read this article in the Telegraph.

I also find it interesting that it is now permissable in the mainstream media to refer to the'global elite' and Bilderbergers, when not so long ago if someone merely suggested their exisitance there would be calls for the men in white coats.

Don't forget to visit the Club of Rome website once you've read the Telegrapah article, and then follow the links from Activities, Meetings and 'Joint Dialogue between GLOBE International and the Club of Rome' paying attention to bullet point five.

It all makes interesting reading.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Pope upstages them all

I was feeling quite ashamed to be British before the Popes arrival. I'm not a catholic and neither am I religious although I am open minded about the whys and wherefores of our exisitance, but the bile and hatred about the Popes visit was unremitting.

The anti-catholic build up was clear. Dawkins and Hawkins, followed by more Hawkins and Dawkins, smattered with Tatchell and Pratchett and a negative media assuring us that the Popes visit would be riven by anti-catholic hatred and a public that were up in arms about the money being spent on his visit.

But lo and behold, quite the opposite occured. Apart from the thousands of catholics that attended the popes masses/audiences etc., thousands lined the streets wherever he went. Now given that catholics wanting to see the pope went with their parish, I think it a reasonable assumption that the thousands who were lining the streets were not, in the main, catholics - and they were cheering him not jeering him.

So why? After all, Dawkins, Tatchell, Pratchett and the like have pointed out he is responsible for Aids, teenage pregnancies and paedo priests - oh and don't forget the juvenile Nazi in a skirt jibe, specially formulated as a cliche for Sun readers and the like to whip them into a frenzy of anti-catholicism.

And so they should be. It is quite clear from the Jeremy Kyle show and most social housing estates that the teenagers who don't use condoms, are promiscuous and rely on the state to fund the upbringing of their babies, are clearly doing this out of respect for the pope and the catholic church.

Similarly, the churchs ban on condoms is 'the' reason for the spread of Aids in Africa. Here are Wikipedias reasons.

Let's not forget paedo priests. This is also the Popes fault. Not enough self - flagellation and so on. Whilst what has happened is terrible, lets not forget it happens in many professions, that's why, over the last 12 months or so, organisations dealing with children have put 'Safeguarding' policies into place and demand CRB checks for anyone working with children. The scouts, teaching profession, social services have all had their 'paedo' infiltrators - they are devious sick people who don't announce their intentions. Who will be apologising/self flagellating for these professions?

It has been so heartening to see the crowds turn out for the Pope, because it says to me that that the Athiest propaganda constantly spewed forth is not working, in fact people are seeing right through it.

People don't support the 'Convenicence Killings' of abortion and euthanasia. They don't support a society without morals. They don't want political correctness. They don't want the sneaky Stalinism that is pervading our country. Most of all, whilst many people may not be religious in the way I am not religious, neither do they want a society without religions and particularly not one without Christianity.

Just one last thing. The Nazi in a skirt label was spouted by the media because apparantly the Pope was in the Hitler Youth.

Gregg had a friend, Heinz, who was in the Hitler Youth during his stay in a Catholic orphanage during the war. The Brothers who ran the orphanage felt it best to keep 'on message' with the Athiest Nazis so joined all the kids up. Anytime there were sporting events, Heinz would be called upon to help with the Alter or be put in detention. Poor Heinz, missing his Hitler Youth events. But the brothers knew what they were doing. Had Heinz taken a shower after 'games' his cover would be blown.

He was a Jew. He was also in the Hitler Youth.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Mission even creepier

The buggers continue the onslaught to get their hands on British taxpayers money.

Now that the EU are starting to get their grubby mitts on our financial institutions, next up for grabs is the £3bn rebate negotiated by Margaret Thatcher in 1984.

Regardless of the debate around CAP subsidies, whether the rebate is justified or not, who pays more than who, our taxes should not be used to prop up failing socialist systems, especially at a time when our own economy is in dire straits.

With the current ' Grab the Brits Taxes' policy, this is the perfect opportunity to arouse public interest again in leaving the EU. There is only one person in the country that is seriously fighting to get us out of this socialist nightmare, so take a look at the Nikki Sinclair Campaign for a Referendum on the EU.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Mission Creep

The buggers are after our money again.

The great Euro Project is coming to its end in a shambolic decline of a currency that was doomed, pretty much from the start, as the EU rushed willing states into it's socialist utopia.

But they still want our money and so the new project begins with the EUs creation of three super-regulators for the finance industry ,called 'European Supervision Authorities (ESAs) ,that will oversee areas such as derivative markets, banking and insurance. These authorities will be able to intervene in the activities of member states financial institutions and, most importantly, will sit above individual national regulators. Over time, it is planned that these organisations will gain sweeping powers that will allow them to effectively control national markets and financial institutions.

I will award no prizes for guessing why the EU are doing this, but one thing is for sure, it won't work in our favour. Shame there is no one fighting our corner!

Monday, 6 September 2010

World Leaders?

I've not looked at the Club of Rome site for some time here but decided to update myself on global government to see what has been decided about global issues by the great unelected decision makers.

Tucked away in one of the speeches, made by the Club of Rome's General Secretary, who was also previously employed by the World Bank, was a reference to his advisory role for another organisation called GLOBE. It instantly caught my interest so after a quick google I found myself looking at yet another global government organisation.

Here's some of their own description:
'Globes objective is to support ambitious political leadership on issues of climate and energy security, land use change and eco-systems and economic and population growth. Internationally GLOBE is focussed on progressive leadership from G8 leaders and the leaders of the major emerging economies as well as formal negotiations within the United Nations. GLOBE has a particular interest in the role that international financial institutions can play.
GLOBE shadows the formal G8 negotiations and allows legislators to work together outside the formal international negotiations. Without the burden of formal governmental negotiating positions legislators have the freedom to push the boundaries of what can be politically achieved'.

Maybe G8 is a farce. GLOBE does seem to have a free reign to achieve whatever their international desires are, at least according to their website. I do find it odd that I have never heard GLOBE mentioned in any media format, yet it appears to have more influence over world politics than the G8 leaders who have to work within formal governmental negotiating positions.

Are we being taken for fools?

Sunday, 29 August 2010

The NHS is a pain in the..................

My Mum has been undergoing dental work for some time now and had her final tooth out last Wednesday in preperation for sparkly gnashers to go in. When I saw her yesterday, she had pain and swelling from the extraction so we resolved to find her a dentist.
As it is bank holiday her dentist (and all others it seems) will not open till Tuesday, so I contacted the Dental Hospital in Manchester. The Answerphone told me to contact the Manchester Royal Infirmary giving the appropriate telephone number which I phoned. A few rings later I was greeted by a sullen receptionist who, once I had explained the situation, said nothing further but my phone started to ring somewhere else - yep, back to the dental hospital that had referred me in the first place to the sullen receptionist.
I rang the MRI back, got a different, slightly less sullen receptionist, who, once I had pointed out the circular direction my enquiry was going in transferred me to Accident and Emergency.
A much more helpful gentleman in A & E informed me I could bring Mum to them but they would only issue painkillers. He gave me a further number to ring to try to find the emergency dentist that lurks around Manchester.
I rang the number, answered lots of questions, the postcode seemed quite important even though I would have to take Mum to where the dentist was, but by this time I would have even offered to have my Iris scanned to stop Mums dramatic moans of agony.
Once our lives had been logged on some database or other, I was informed that there was an appointment left with the emergency dentist but we had to be assessed by a dental nurse from NHS direct to decide if we were worthy to be seen and we would receive a call in the next hour.
About 20 minutes later the phone rang. A message had been left by NHS direct to say they would call back in 15 minutes. I'm not sure why it went to answerphone as I tried the phone on my mobile which rang no problem, I can therefore only assume the NHS Direct rang me as I was on the phone to the emergency dentist line .
15 minutes came and went, no call. After 45 minutes I rang back to be told that NHS Direct had closed down the call. They would put another one through and someone would call me in the next hour............but there were no longer any appointments left with the dentist!
Now the reason Mum relies on me to take her to the dentist, is because 3 years ago, my fully mobile mum had been admitted to hospital for something like Norovirus, but whilst in hospital,
broke her hip, after trying to get out of bed because she had been waiting for a bed pan for so long that she was afraid she would wet the bed.
After protestations from my sister that Mum was complaining of pain in her hip, they reluctantly carried out an x-ray (so they say) and confirmed that there was just some bruising. They continued to treat Mum as a moaner for the next 6 days - just a bit of bruising, keeps going on about it and so on. Day 6 my sister managed to persuade them to x-ray the hip again. Oops, the hip had been broken but missed when they checked the first x-ray (if one was ever done) but no apology for leaving Mum in agony for the last 6 days.
So, that's the end of my semi - rant at the incompetancy of the NHS but I also want people to know how my Mums been treated because at the end of each of their incompetant processes, their sullen attidtude and their crap computer systems, there is someone in pain.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Iran goes to the Dogs

I don't agree with invading other countries nor with trying to impose any other system or culture onto them that they don't want but I have just come across the exception to this rule.

Iran needs invading. Not because they are Muslim, not because they have (or are in the process of getting) nuclear weapons but because they have now declared a 'fatwah' on pets, and specifically dogs, calling them 'unclean'.

Dog owners are apparantly 'imitating the West' and devotion to pets will result in 'evil outcomes' because many people in the west love their dogs more than their wives or children.

Yet this is the regime whose people despise it, whom the regime shoot down if they dare to protest, and the regime that will carry out any terrible atrocity in order to consolidate it's authority. It's no wonder that the Iranian people are taking refuge in the wonderful world of dogs (and other pets).

Dogs don't declare fatwahs on innocent people, they are devoted to their family, they give unconditional love and, should Iran be ruled by dogs, it would be the best country in the world.

Keep up the good work Iranians. Keep your pets, and keep to your dream of a society without Ayatollahs . Totalitarian regimes can only survive if the populous allows itself to be bullied and you are doing a pretty good job of showing that you won't be.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Corporate Communism

Humiliation techniques are a well known method of making people adhere to the tenets of communism. People made to write apology notes for misdemeanors, made to sit in the airplane position, made to wear a notice saying 'capitalist pig' around neck - you know the story. However, it would appear the capitalists have adopted the same methods.

Being capitalism, the reward isn't being welcomed with open arms into the Populist Peoples Party after seeing the light but merely receiving a pay cheque.

This weeks winner of the Corporate Communism award goes to ASDA - Wythenshawe (and possibly all Asdas).

Not content with the completely pointless humiliating post of 'Greeter' (Hello, Hi there, Hi, have a good day and so on), in todays humilation corner was a man who looked well past statutory retirement age (if there still is one) made to stand opposite the tills with a placard saying 'there's space here'. His job was to move to the least empty till with his ridiculous placard shaped like a hand with a pointing finger and stand there and...................stand there.

How thick the moronic Asda management are, who think the Brits can't work out the best till to queue at, is anybodys guess. I can tell you though, that there is little to choose between being humiliated into accepting communism just to survive and being humiliated by Asda just to survive.

Sunday, 8 August 2010


I made the mistake of buying the MoS today. Peter Hitchens was in full rant.

According to the great Hitchen, children suffer terribly if their mothers work and most of societies' social problems are created by the absence of mothers.

No explanation though, of why the children who have children, who live on benefits and spend all their time with their delightful offspring, are the ones whose kids have asbos, criminal records, no aspirations and follow their wonderful child mothers into child motherhood themselves.

All my friends work. They've worked while they brought their kids up and, sadly, we are all now at that age where the kids have grown up and are at University or actually working. Now according to the Hitchens logic surely they should be delinquents who refuse to contribute to the 'Big Society'.

So why the Hitchen attack on working mothers?

Could it be that as a committed Tory (he protests far too much!) he is using his media role on behalf of the government in order to demonise working mothers? Then, in the knowledge that come October, the Comprehensive Spending Review will mean there will be so many unemployed in this country, that the best way to plug the gap will be to oust women from their hard earned jobs.

It may sound like an easy solution but when the country is overloaded with feral, Staffie walking, amoral and violent youngsters, bred off the forced out of work mothers living on a diet of Jeremy Kyle and Netto burgers, then remember how it all came about.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Cameron becomes new UKIP Chairman

Bloody hell. Another special relationship? Mr Cameron has called the countries' relationship (USA and UK) but has he not realised that President Obama said the same about Mexico?

Does that relationship include when Obama slags us off for the BP oil spill, Lockerbie bombers, and make no mistake, America won World War 2 on its own, even before they set foot in Europe - now that really is impressive.

Cameron has just proved his Blair 2 credentials. Arse lick the PC President of the USA, accept that the UK is the root of all evil, and of course, confess that the British presence in WW2 was just as a complimentary shoe shiner for the US.

In fact, Cameron is such a thick brown noser he should really be the Chairman of UKIP. Now all he needs is a Range Rover Discovery with tinted windows..........................

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Ghost

I've just finished reading 'The Ghost', which is such a lazy, tedious and nothing like the write up on it's cover, 'one man uncovers the worlds greatest conspiracy', that it as been made into a film.

The only thing the author really did get right (and even then made an ad hoc mess of getting the point across) was how power corrupts. The book is clearly based on Tony Blair but could equally have been about any recognisable politician in Britain and possibly around the globe. Affairs, mistresses, wives in the background, bland personalities, generally amoral and backed by some shadowy organisation or party and complimented by a host of hangers on - the researcher who would follow anyone who paid him, the mistress, the sycophants who agree with his every word waiting for the scraps off his table, the upper class twit seeking glory by association and so on.

So although the book itself was not particularly thought provoking, I did start to wonder how the tide could be turned to get politicians (generally) into power who are not corrupted by it and the hangers on seeking second-hand kicks.

Instead of going down the old route proposed by our new government = majority rule v proportianal representation, how about this.

1. Politicians should be paid only the national average wage. This means that being an MP is still reasonably attractive, does not exclude poorer members of society but does not attract those looking for big bucks. (NB: only actual expenses to be paid as well - no second homes etc).

2. Anyone seeking to enter politics must undergo a competency test. This would include an exam to test numeracy, literacy and their understanding of goverment.

3. Staffing for politicians should be kept to a minimum. One secretary for example. If their party wants to pay for extra staff, let the party do so. This would rid politics of some of the hangers on if there are less opportunities for money grubbing.

These are just a few ideas for starters, so let me know if you have any better ones for stopping the madness that politics has now become. Proportional representation will change nothing. Making politics just an ordinary job just might do the trick.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Same Old, Same Old

If ever there was a reason to doubt that there has been a change of government, then just look at this piece.

As a manager for many years, it has been my (dis?) pleasure to spend hours at the tedious pastime of the interview (preceded by the even more tedious chore of shortlisting). There are certain things that stand out clearly during this process:

  • Many candidates are illiterate or illegible or both
  • A lot of the illiterates and illegibles have a fine array of GCSEs with A*
  • Quite a few of the illiterates and illegables have degrees
  • There are usually a fair smattering of applications that give no information in the box reserved for 'general information in support of your application'.
  • At interview stage, we are lucky if half of the shortlisted applicants turn up

So what does this tell me? Well, it seems clear that;

  • Our current education system does not teach students to read , write, or think
  • That qualifications cannot be trusted as a reflection of abilities
  • That it is entirely possible to be thick and have a degree
  • That there are a fair number of people who apply for jobs because they will have their dole money cut if they don't - hence not fully completing the application form to ensure they are not invited to interview
  • That even in a recession, about half the shortlisted candidates find better options than working with a local authority, even in a massive global recession.

And what are the government planning to do?

They will - set targets and incentives, fund training schemes and mentoring programmes, give the private sector a national insurance holiday, create technical academies and push vocational qualificatins.

What about just teaching them, properly, as they used to be taught, so they can actually be of use to an employer?

But no. There's no money in teaching kids what they need to know. Better to throw money at new acadamies, mentoring, training schemes, the private sector, whatever........... but don't teach the kids anything of use.

Looks like the consultants, million pound usleless academies, government sponsered mentors and training schemes are here to stay.

Same Old, Same Old.

Friday, 18 June 2010

June 22nd - Operation Barbarosso

With Labour neatly out of the way, having completed their project of bankrupting Britain, the next great step in the project is the Emergency Budget on June 22nd.

The media are smearing and spinning for their paymasters as they always do, attacking those sections of society that will be most affected by the (massive) cuts. Whipping up a bit of antagonism towards those sectors is a tried and tested method, divide and rule style.

So it is clear that June the 22nd will be a crucial date for everyone. Which made me wonder about the date. I have noticed that politicians often choose dates for major announcements for a symobolic reason, so why this particular date.

Operation Barbarosso was the code name for Nazi Germanys invasion of the Soviet Union and began on June 22nd 1941. It was the largest military offensive in history in terms of manpower and casualties. It was also a complete failure. Not only did they fail to defeat the Soviet Union but it was a turning point in the fortunes of the Nazi war machine towards defeat.

Could it be that Camerons own Operation Barbarroso (or is that Barroso) in Britain is to deliver such stinging, far reaching cuts that, just as the left defeated the right 59 years ago on June 22nd, that the coalition will break apart following mass outrage, leaving the socialists to sweep into permanant power?

Project complete?

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Base details of that very expensive report here .

It cost around £200 million for that, providing careers for lawyers and Lords for 12 years. No doubt there will be millions more paid out in compensation claims, so that the lawyers can cream even more off the taxpayer and Cameron can hand wring around the soulless Gerry Adams.

So what does this report achieve? The families of the dead claim justice and so do the IRA. Yet just glancing at the report I can see many worrying details. Like the admission that IRA snipers were there, that Martin McGuinness was heavily involved and that one of the casualties may have been armed.

Saville says 'on balance the soldiers fired first'. On balance? Therefore no conclusive evidence at all.

Casualty Gerald Donaghey was found with nails in his body, therefore indicating he was carrying a nail bomb. This is acceptable to Saville as he had not used his bomb at the point he was shot. Well that's ok then.

Further, Saville said ' with the exception of two soldiers, none of the firing was aimed at people posing a threat of causing death or serious injury'. But he obviously accepts that two soldiers were firing at people who posed a threat of causing death or serious injury. That being the case, means that there were people in the crowd who did pose a threat of causing death or serious injury, therefore the soldiers would be acting in a defensive position.

Also cue shock that the soldiers may have lied about what happened on the day. Well, if I were up against the IRA and knew my own British government gave not one jot about how many English people the IRA murdered, then I would do whatever it took to protect myself and family from that murderous crew.

There again, it is revealed in the report that the IRA had 'pre-arranged' sniper positions plus Martin McGuinness 'probably' armed with a machine gun.

So in summary, there were nail bombs, IRA snipers in position, people present who posed a threat of causing death or serious injury and Martin McGuinness armed with a machine gun. But for Saville the soldiers were to blame.

Sunday Bloody Sunday? More Hypocrisy Bloody Hypocrisy.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

UKIP MEPS' Useless?

Gerard Batten, in response to the debate about witholding TV licence fees, griped about the BBC reporter, Mark Mardell, labelling UKIP MEPs as useless. He explained quite succintly why this is not the case here .

So now you know. About 180 speeches in a parliament no-one outside it's rich interior listens to is how the UKIP MEP thinks we will leave Europe. About 180 speeches in the European Parlaiment that no-one listens to will save those people thrown onto the dole because of banker theft. About 180 speeches in the European Parliament that no-one listens to will take us out of Afghanistan and Iraq and so on.

MEPs would do well to remember that while they are tucked up in grandeur, taking ever increasing taxpayer funded wages (was that a £19,000 rise you had this year chaps?) that resentment is bubbling under the surface throughout Europe, which will lead to who knows where.

UKIP MEPs were supposed to be working to take us out of Europe, not preen over the number of 90 second speeches they have made to a parliament that no-one listens to. And what have they actually achieved other than to line their own pockets. Even the possible demise of the Euro has only been brought about by corrupt bankers.

So I have to conclude that Mark Mardell was right. It may now be a political cliche but it's time for (big) change.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hypocrisy and Revolution

Israel have stated it will reject a proposed international commission to investigate it's raid on the Gaza aid flotilla.

Cue, then, indignant outrage from those western countries, you know - the same ones that have been murdering in Iraq and Afghanistan for some time now. Better still, Iran is threatening to send in their 'Revolutionary Guards' to protect the 'peace flotillas going to the oppresed people of Gaza'. Er, weren't the people of Iran brutally put down some months ago when they fought against oppression in Iran? I've never before thought of revolutionary and peace as soulmates.

And what were Turkey doing letting the 'peace' flotillas set off in the first place. Did they tell these activists that Israel would ignore them, or give them a falafel kebab and send them on their way. Or did Turkey encourage a deliberate act of provacation? And is that what Irans 'Revolutionary Guards' will also do in the hope of starting a revolution? And what would the US would have done if a 'flottilla of peace' had arrived in Iraq protected by 'Revolutionary Guards' from a country ruled by dictators?

Back in the real world, revolution is just an excuse for the violent ignorant and easily manipulated fools to wreak havoc, murder and mayhem, while the shady organisors sweep up the goodies - think French Revolution, Russian Revolution et al. I suspect the 'peace flottilla' activists thought they were 'Revolutionary Guards' as well because I don't see how provoking Israel could be seen as any kind of peacemaking exercise.

The situation in Gaza is between Israel and Palastine and they should be left to sort their own problems out. Gaza may think it has it tough now, but if they want the international community to sort out the problems, they would do well to remember the success the international community has made of Iraq.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Marie Stopes - The Big Con

The Marie Stopes organisation carries out around 65,000 abortions a year and has recently said it is going to advertise it's slaughter services on television. The logic given for this is that they feel too few women are aware of alternatives available to them (i.e. abortion) instead of having to consult their GP.

I can honestly say that I have never met a woman yet who doesn't know about, and how to get an abortion, whether via Marie Stopes or their GP. So why the sudden need for an advertising campaign?

Could it be that women have realised how terrible aborting a baby is? At the time the news of Marie Stopes came out, a colleague of mine brought to work the scan of her pending grandchild, the scan was a 3D affair and taken at 12 weeks (the legal abortion limit is 24 weeks - 6 months). The scan showed a pretty much perfectly formed child, all limbs and associated bits present, in fact it was hard to believe that a child could be this well formed at just 3 months............but it was.

So when Marie Stopes are sluicing another aborted baby aware, they know that it is a child that should have been granted life, just as those of us living were because we started in exactly the same way. Increasing numbers of doctors and nurses are refusing to take part in abortions nearing the upper limit. The reason is obvious. Babies have survived intact being born prematurely at 5 months, yet it is still legal to abort at 6 months, so as a doctor or nurse you know you are complicit in killing a child that could live.

The pro-choice brigade defend this slaughter on the grounds that before abortion was legal, it was all knitting needles in filthy back lanes at risk of death if you wanted to get rid. They don't tell you that those days were before effective contraception, welfare benefit support, and a society that cares not one iota if you are a single parent without a father.

Therefore, there is no excuse for this slaughter. Regardless of what the twittering classes care to fool themselves about, women are fully aware of the options available to them. What the Marie Stopes organisation is worried about is, that now women are aware of what a terrible thing abortion is, their profits will drop, hence the advertising.

I don't normally wish that businesses (and make no mistake it is a business) fold, but in this case, the sooner the better.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Pete Reeve - Taxpayers Champion

Pete Reeve is now UKIPs Local Government spokesman and his article on the ukip website has thrilled readers with his attack on Cameron as follows:

'A major Tory U-turn on bin tax has been criticized by UKIP’s local government spokesman, Pete Reeve.

In yet another example of the Tories watering down promises and backtracking on manifesto pledges, new Environment minister Caroline Spelman said yesterday that councils should be free to impose their own taxes on refuse collections.

The statement comes despite a Conservative manifesto pledge to encourage councils to pay people to recycle, and only four weeks after Mrs Spelman claimed the Tories would “scrap Labour’s bin bully policies of bin cuts, bin fines and bin taxes”.

Pete Reeve, UKIP councillor for Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire, said: “The Conservative promise to not allow an extra tax on families for collecting house hold bins was just a load of rubbish.

“Cameron's Party has lost its way and abandoned traditional Conservative values. This issue simply highlights what UKIP has been saying all along – a promise from Cameron is simply not to be trusted.With council tax rises rightly capped, but mismanagement and political correctness causing costs to escalate, it will be all too tempting for Councils to take advantage of the new stealth taxes.

Conservative voters are now seeing Cameron and his ministers for what they are – politicians prepared to compromise Conservative values and break promises.”

So then, what Pete is saying is that ukip supporters should not have voted for the tory party, even though ukips leader told them too.

Funny he didn't protest this at the time Lord Pearson announced his intentions.

But hey, it gets better. What's this about mismanagement causing costs to escalate. Could this be something to do with Pete Reeve taking taxpayers money (via the EU) but doing virtually nothing for it (Source:Stuart Agnew)?

Or are costs escalating in Huntingdonshire because Pete claims to work 38 hours per week for Agnew and Campbell Bannerman and also claims to work 100 hours a week in his 'spare' time for ukip (Source: Pete Reeve quoted in 'The Town Crier) but still claims around £5000 a year from the Huntingdonshire taxpayer but only works for ukip. Surely this kind of local government mismanagement needs to be stopped.

Perhaps the Taxpayers Alliance could investigate?

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

UKIP Closing Down Sale

UKIP are reducing their stock in order to attract new custom. Their website gives the following reason:

'The formation of a Con-Dem coalition has left millions of British voters disenfranchised - no-one voted for this unworkable hybrid. So straight talking UKIP is offering disaffected Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour voters the chance of a FREE year's membership to give voice to their discontent and a chance to show the old failed parties that you believe in honesty and transparency in politics, not shabby deals made behind closed doors.

Members receive personal invitations to area events in advance and a regular digital newsletter. However, members joining under the FREE scheme, do not have internal party voting rights. '

I wonder if any of those disenfranchised voters, voted for these parties on Lord Pearson's advice. After all, had he told them to vote for UKIP candidates instead of the other three main parties they may not have ended up with 'this unworkable hybrid' .

So now the party smacks of despereration in advertising a free membership that gives no internal party voting rights.

Which makes the Pearson/Farage message go something like this

Vote for me and my Tory chums
Sideline UKIP PPCs
We'll tear the UKIP threat apart
We'll swing it so they get no MPs

And now UKIP's screwed with no MPs
Bankruptcy's next on our list
We've completed the job for our Tory chums
So we're all in the pub and we're pissed!

Ah well. The UKIP brand will soon be joining that other famous brand......................Woolworths.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I'm Shocked

The deal is done , Cameron is in. Nick Clegg will be preening about whatever sordid little deal he did with Cameron. Cameron will be preening in his new role, new house, and of course a new baby to boot (ee).

If Clegg had any principles at all, he would make no deals.

He effectively had a veto over the two main parties if his party had remained independent of any coalition. Granted, they would not be in the policy driving seat (they won't be anyway), but a with a veto over the two main parties, you can certainly push policy in your own direction. But no. Just like so many unprincipled people working in politics, he has chosen to sell out, compromise his principles (whatever they were/if he had any), go for the cabinet job, go for the money, in fact go for anything bar continue to fight for their cause.

Cameron of course fares no better. Desperate to get his slippers in situ behind the big black door he would have a pact with the devil if it meant he could boot out Gordon - who needs principles when money and power are at stake eh?

So the shock? Well, in the end it was the Labour Party. They refused the dirty deal, even if it means years in opposition. This is the first time I can remember any principle being shown by the Labour Party so maybe I will give them more of a chance in the future.

If only the leader of a certain smaller party had shown some principle, then maybe they could have held the balance of power after this election instead of Cleggs lot. But of course, Old Bean, that would never do.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Open Letter to Lord Pearson and the UKIP Leadership

Phillip Wray has written an open letter to Lord Pearson and the UKIP leadership pretty much condemning their management of the party and their General Election strategy. The transcript can be viewed at Junius

Whilst his letter details much of what is wrong with UKIP, sadly it has all been said and written before - remember the letter Roger Knapman wrote warning of what was to come (?). Many of us realised long ago that certain leading lights seemed to be holding the party back and that the NEC was being stacked with politically amoral sycophants whose only aim was to get their snouts in the trough.

I can remember a conversation with Pete Reeve on a trip to Brussels when he looked gooey eyed at the wealth and grandeur that oozed from the parliamentary building. 'Wow', I'd love to work here, it's amazing' . My answer to him was short and not particularly sweet, but it did reveal to me how he was already in the process of going native, and that was before he was working for UKIP.

What's that got to do with Phillip Wray? Well I imagine Phillip, like many UKIP supporters, genuinely wants a UKIP that is a credible party, with a leadership that is genuinely working to get Britain out of the EU and a UKIP that is not mired in corruption. Instead they get the likes of Pete Reeve - amoral, sycophantic and would do anything to get a fast buck.

What Phillip will more than likely find out now, is that he will be attacked for being anti-UKIP, be accused of being a BNP infiltrator or pro-EU, perhap he will be named as Junius or Rosie or maybe he will even find a dodgy video of himself posted on You Tube by a morrocan taxi driver.

Good luck to you Phillip, because you have had the courage to speak out and because I suspect you will need it.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

UKIP Flop-Yet Again!

So with all the resources available to UKIP only 3% of the electorate thought of them as a viable alternative to the three main parties. Even the Greens managed to get 1 MP for goodness sake.

As it is now clear that the strategy of having MEPs has made no difference whatsoever to getting Britain out of the EU and that the same strategy has led to unabashed corruption (Tom Wise et al), surely it is time for all UKIP MEPs to do the honourable thing and resign en masse from the European Parliament and concentrate their time and energy building up a credible reputation (which it clearly hasn't got at the moment) in this country.

If not, one can only conclude that they care not one jot about leaving the EU, nor about Britain, but are there purely to line their pockets.

Should any decent Ukipper wish to join a party that believes Britain should leave the EU and concentrate on making improvements in this country, then take a look at the Libertarian Party.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

An alternative for Ukippers

The day of reckoning has finally arrived.

Gregg tells me Nikkis campaign has gone very well and has had a lot of support from disgruntled Ukippers who are incensed at the way their own candidates have been stabbed in the back by Lord Pearson and Lord Farage.

Farage should note that Ukippers are not fooled in the least by his ploy of putting Pearson in the firing line for asking voters to vote for pro-EU parties.

Unfortunately, the fallout from the Pearson/Fargage closure of UKIP plays right into their hands. They will be kept in situ till the end of their terms with a good pension (or two), perhaps Farage given a Lordship, UKIP left in meltdown thereby ridding the EU of what could have been real opposition to further integration. Now, integration, which may have a slight hiccup with the collapse of the Euro, will continue nonetheless. Job done.

There is an alternative of course, so look up the Libertarian Party and start to make a real difference.

Friday, 30 April 2010

UKIP PPCs Betrayed

Lord Pearson, urging voters not to vote for their UKIP PPC, has betrayed them all.

No further explanation is required but listening to the wonderful Eva Cassidys version of the following song, I thought it the perfect lament with such fitting lyrics for all UKIP PPCs caught up in the death thoes of UKIP.


There you go and baby here am I
Well you left me here so I could sit and cry
Well golly gee what have you done to me
Well I guess it doesn't matter anymore

Do you remember baby last September
How you held me tight each and every night
Well whoops-a-daisy how you drove me crazy
But I guess it doesn't matter any more

There's no use in me a-cryin'
I've done everything and now I'm sick of trying
I've thrown away my nights,
and wasted all my days over you

Well you go your way and I'll go mine
Now and forever 'till the end of time
I'll find somebody new and baby
We'll say we're through and you won't matter any more

You won't matter any more

What sad times we live in!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Leaked Document: UKIP General Election Strategy 2010


To ensure that UKIP is seen to be unelectable in the forthcoming General Election
To promote the shared vision of Lord Pearson and Nigel Farage to keep UKIP as a Tory pressure group and keep their rich Tory mates in the Westminister boys club
To promote membership of UKIP to tory anti-EU members thereby relieving the Tory party of their troublesome members
To line the pockets of Nigel Farage and a few self seeking sycophants

Strategic Context

To ensure the continued success of the Tory party within Europe by ridding them of their anti-EU members
Use party as a vehicle to ensure Nigel and friends take up all the benefits the EU has to offer, for instance 2nd pensions and massive allowances, whilst ensuring their families are also paid handsome allowances


To rid the party of anyone who has a backbone, who will question where all the money goes to or who will not do what Nigel tells them to do
To ensure any media interest shows the party in the worst possible light
To ensure that as little as possible progress is made during the General Election and Nigels Tory mates keep their seats.

Agreed Actions to acheive strategy

Lord Pearson to announce UKIP Strategy (unknown to UKIP PPCs) of not voting for UKIP. This is to be presented as voting for Eurosceptic MPs regardless of party
Ensure a healthy smattering of barking mad PPCs, especially those that latch on to conspiracy theories and will damage UKIPs credibility in the General Election
Get rid of Nikki Sinclair. She wants Britain to leave the EU.
Lord Pearson to promise support for Nikki Sinclair, who wants to leave the EFD, that she can remain a UKIP MEP. Then we renege on the deal and kick her out (she's only a woman anyway).
Get a barking mad UKIP candidate to stand against her (we need further discussion on how we justify this alongside the policy of not standing against Eurosceptics for any other party)
Ensure any UKIP policies don't stand up to scrutiny e.g. pledge vast spending cuts whilst saying how money will be pumped into NHS, police, defence etc.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Question Time with Rosie

As debates and interviews with the 3 main parties are currently all the rage in the media, I thought I would host my own question time, so who better to start with, than Gregg himself.

Here are his answers:

1. What made you enter politics?

Believing I could make a difference. Growing up in the 1970s most of us thought we could do better than that shower, and that remains true today.

2. How did you form your beliefs?

A family that respects our nation's traditions and values without being cringingly patriotic helped. Being educated by Roman Catholics also helped, first Franciscans then Xaverian Brothers, they imbued a great sense of duty and tolerance while encouraging individuality. Then John Gingell introduced me to JS Mill, thank you, that opened so many avenues.

3. What is your main political philosophy?

Let people get on with their lives and mostly they will be fine. Don't push me around and I won't push you around. In a nutshell, Libertarian.

4. What do you admire in a politician?

Not a lot! Seriously, I admire honesty and an acceptance that none of us are right all the time, especially politicians.

5. What do you despise in a politician?

Hypocrisy and overuse of hackneyed phrases such as: "You couldn't get a cigarette paper between them" or: "It's time for change"..

6.Why did you join UKIP ?

I loathe state interference and the EU is the most disastrous incarnation of 'the state'. Let's make our own mistakes, then rectify them.

7. Why did you leave UKIP?

MEPs had gone native. They stopped taking UK elections seriously and still only become excited at EU election time. The leadership are small minded, petty non-entities surrounded by similar. People have asked why I didn't stay and fight. My answer is that my conscience is worth more than the salary of an MEP and UKIP is finished, it's no more than a vehicle for Farage and his cronies. The fact that their candidate in Meriden wears a t-shirt stating: "Masturbation Is Not Illegal" just about sums UKIP up sadly. Just google Barry Allcock UKIP, it's a giggle.

8. Biggest regret?

Upon leaving UKIP? None, I found it highly liberating.

9. You're now working with Nikki Sinclair - how does that compare to your time in UKIP?

No comparison. She is fighting in the UK the way I hoped other MEPs would, but they never did. There is a great team here in Meriden having a great time. That team included Clive Page until this week, we had a good time but Clive has been forced to move on now, or has chosen to move on. Shame because we all got on well. Having said that he told us last week that he felt that things were happening, from UKIP, that he was being kept in the dark about. Then he resigned.

So working for Nikki is refreshing and I can only suggest that the decent members of UKIP, the majority, look at the EFD Group in the EU parliament then, hand on heart, tell me that Nikki was wrong. She was absolutely right, and I admire her courage.

10. What do you want for dinner on Saturday night?

Anything but bloody curry!! Although............

Thanks Gregg but I 'm still waiting for my lippy back! Jx

Sunday, 25 April 2010

A Free Thinking Woman

So that's where my lipstick disappeared to Gregory Beaman!

I just couldn't resist putting this wonderful picture of you in my first post, as I'm a little peeved that you keep taking all the credit for being Rosie.

Mark Croucher, on his Skeptyk blog, has started the Gregg is Rosie rumour again, presumably because he has heard you are now working for a woman (lordy be - another woman with a mind, how can they have had two of those in UKIP?).

Here's a sample quote from the woman hating Skeptyk

"In keeping with his desire to hide behind a skirt by using the name 'Rosie', Beaman chose to put the blame squarely on his wife's shoulders, who he said acted independently of him, "

Mmm, now as Mark is a regular on the British Democracy Forum under several psuedonyms, he knows full well that Rosie is not Gregg and that I posted on the same Forum under my correct name to confirm that I am Rosie. And there's the rub.

How dare I, a female, possibly go on a forum without my husbands permission. Of course women are ok in UKIP if they are a nodding donkey, up for a bit of adultery or even if they are a Latvian Pole dancer, but a free thinker, well, that just cannot be tolerated. The comment 'who he said acted independently of him' reveals all - to believe that a woman, in Skepyks view, can act independently of her husband is just too incredulous to be true for him. Dear oh dear Mark, you really need a break from Nigels company.

I must say I have enjoyed all the merriment Skeptyks blog has given us, revealing how the inner clique (particularly one member - no pun intended) went ballistic and are still reeling from the news that Gregg and Nikki are now working together . Two free thinkers and, good grief, one's a woman. Add to that Gary and Josh - well, poor old Skeptyk has found himself working overtime spinning so fast a lancashire weaver would be proud of him.

So it comes to pass that I have started Rosie's Forum. Will a woman be able to blog? Will I have to ask Greggs permission to blog? Can Gregg confirm on this blog if I have acted independently of him? Am I carrying out enough pole dancing/adultery duties like a good UKIP wife should?

All will be revealed in good time. For now, Gregg is welcome to hide under my skirt but I want that lipstick back or else!