Friday, 18 June 2010

June 22nd - Operation Barbarosso

With Labour neatly out of the way, having completed their project of bankrupting Britain, the next great step in the project is the Emergency Budget on June 22nd.

The media are smearing and spinning for their paymasters as they always do, attacking those sections of society that will be most affected by the (massive) cuts. Whipping up a bit of antagonism towards those sectors is a tried and tested method, divide and rule style.

So it is clear that June the 22nd will be a crucial date for everyone. Which made me wonder about the date. I have noticed that politicians often choose dates for major announcements for a symobolic reason, so why this particular date.

Operation Barbarosso was the code name for Nazi Germanys invasion of the Soviet Union and began on June 22nd 1941. It was the largest military offensive in history in terms of manpower and casualties. It was also a complete failure. Not only did they fail to defeat the Soviet Union but it was a turning point in the fortunes of the Nazi war machine towards defeat.

Could it be that Camerons own Operation Barbarroso (or is that Barroso) in Britain is to deliver such stinging, far reaching cuts that, just as the left defeated the right 59 years ago on June 22nd, that the coalition will break apart following mass outrage, leaving the socialists to sweep into permanant power?

Project complete?

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