Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Base details of that very expensive report here .

It cost around £200 million for that, providing careers for lawyers and Lords for 12 years. No doubt there will be millions more paid out in compensation claims, so that the lawyers can cream even more off the taxpayer and Cameron can hand wring around the soulless Gerry Adams.

So what does this report achieve? The families of the dead claim justice and so do the IRA. Yet just glancing at the report I can see many worrying details. Like the admission that IRA snipers were there, that Martin McGuinness was heavily involved and that one of the casualties may have been armed.

Saville says 'on balance the soldiers fired first'. On balance? Therefore no conclusive evidence at all.

Casualty Gerald Donaghey was found with nails in his body, therefore indicating he was carrying a nail bomb. This is acceptable to Saville as he had not used his bomb at the point he was shot. Well that's ok then.

Further, Saville said ' with the exception of two soldiers, none of the firing was aimed at people posing a threat of causing death or serious injury'. But he obviously accepts that two soldiers were firing at people who posed a threat of causing death or serious injury. That being the case, means that there were people in the crowd who did pose a threat of causing death or serious injury, therefore the soldiers would be acting in a defensive position.

Also cue shock that the soldiers may have lied about what happened on the day. Well, if I were up against the IRA and knew my own British government gave not one jot about how many English people the IRA murdered, then I would do whatever it took to protect myself and family from that murderous crew.

There again, it is revealed in the report that the IRA had 'pre-arranged' sniper positions plus Martin McGuinness 'probably' armed with a machine gun.

So in summary, there were nail bombs, IRA snipers in position, people present who posed a threat of causing death or serious injury and Martin McGuinness armed with a machine gun. But for Saville the soldiers were to blame.

Sunday Bloody Sunday? More Hypocrisy Bloody Hypocrisy.

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