Tuesday, 8 June 2010

UKIP MEPS' Useless?

Gerard Batten, in response to the debate about witholding TV licence fees, griped about the BBC reporter, Mark Mardell, labelling UKIP MEPs as useless. He explained quite succintly why this is not the case here .

So now you know. About 180 speeches in a parliament no-one outside it's rich interior listens to is how the UKIP MEP thinks we will leave Europe. About 180 speeches in the European Parlaiment that no-one listens to will save those people thrown onto the dole because of banker theft. About 180 speeches in the European Parliament that no-one listens to will take us out of Afghanistan and Iraq and so on.

MEPs would do well to remember that while they are tucked up in grandeur, taking ever increasing taxpayer funded wages (was that a £19,000 rise you had this year chaps?) that resentment is bubbling under the surface throughout Europe, which will lead to who knows where.

UKIP MEPs were supposed to be working to take us out of Europe, not preen over the number of 90 second speeches they have made to a parliament that no-one listens to. And what have they actually achieved other than to line their own pockets. Even the possible demise of the Euro has only been brought about by corrupt bankers.

So I have to conclude that Mark Mardell was right. It may now be a political cliche but it's time for (big) change.

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Junius said...

Spot on!

UKIP has had MEPs for over ten years. And are we any closer to leaving the EU thanks to them?


But at least UKIP's MEPs, including Gerard, are now very rich!