Monday, 6 September 2010

World Leaders?

I've not looked at the Club of Rome site for some time here but decided to update myself on global government to see what has been decided about global issues by the great unelected decision makers.

Tucked away in one of the speeches, made by the Club of Rome's General Secretary, who was also previously employed by the World Bank, was a reference to his advisory role for another organisation called GLOBE. It instantly caught my interest so after a quick google I found myself looking at yet another global government organisation.

Here's some of their own description:
'Globes objective is to support ambitious political leadership on issues of climate and energy security, land use change and eco-systems and economic and population growth. Internationally GLOBE is focussed on progressive leadership from G8 leaders and the leaders of the major emerging economies as well as formal negotiations within the United Nations. GLOBE has a particular interest in the role that international financial institutions can play.
GLOBE shadows the formal G8 negotiations and allows legislators to work together outside the formal international negotiations. Without the burden of formal governmental negotiating positions legislators have the freedom to push the boundaries of what can be politically achieved'.

Maybe G8 is a farce. GLOBE does seem to have a free reign to achieve whatever their international desires are, at least according to their website. I do find it odd that I have never heard GLOBE mentioned in any media format, yet it appears to have more influence over world politics than the G8 leaders who have to work within formal governmental negotiating positions.

Are we being taken for fools?

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