Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Pope upstages them all

I was feeling quite ashamed to be British before the Popes arrival. I'm not a catholic and neither am I religious although I am open minded about the whys and wherefores of our exisitance, but the bile and hatred about the Popes visit was unremitting.

The anti-catholic build up was clear. Dawkins and Hawkins, followed by more Hawkins and Dawkins, smattered with Tatchell and Pratchett and a negative media assuring us that the Popes visit would be riven by anti-catholic hatred and a public that were up in arms about the money being spent on his visit.

But lo and behold, quite the opposite occured. Apart from the thousands of catholics that attended the popes masses/audiences etc., thousands lined the streets wherever he went. Now given that catholics wanting to see the pope went with their parish, I think it a reasonable assumption that the thousands who were lining the streets were not, in the main, catholics - and they were cheering him not jeering him.

So why? After all, Dawkins, Tatchell, Pratchett and the like have pointed out he is responsible for Aids, teenage pregnancies and paedo priests - oh and don't forget the juvenile Nazi in a skirt jibe, specially formulated as a cliche for Sun readers and the like to whip them into a frenzy of anti-catholicism.

And so they should be. It is quite clear from the Jeremy Kyle show and most social housing estates that the teenagers who don't use condoms, are promiscuous and rely on the state to fund the upbringing of their babies, are clearly doing this out of respect for the pope and the catholic church.

Similarly, the churchs ban on condoms is 'the' reason for the spread of Aids in Africa. Here are Wikipedias reasons.

Let's not forget paedo priests. This is also the Popes fault. Not enough self - flagellation and so on. Whilst what has happened is terrible, lets not forget it happens in many professions, that's why, over the last 12 months or so, organisations dealing with children have put 'Safeguarding' policies into place and demand CRB checks for anyone working with children. The scouts, teaching profession, social services have all had their 'paedo' infiltrators - they are devious sick people who don't announce their intentions. Who will be apologising/self flagellating for these professions?

It has been so heartening to see the crowds turn out for the Pope, because it says to me that that the Athiest propaganda constantly spewed forth is not working, in fact people are seeing right through it.

People don't support the 'Convenicence Killings' of abortion and euthanasia. They don't support a society without morals. They don't want political correctness. They don't want the sneaky Stalinism that is pervading our country. Most of all, whilst many people may not be religious in the way I am not religious, neither do they want a society without religions and particularly not one without Christianity.

Just one last thing. The Nazi in a skirt label was spouted by the media because apparantly the Pope was in the Hitler Youth.

Gregg had a friend, Heinz, who was in the Hitler Youth during his stay in a Catholic orphanage during the war. The Brothers who ran the orphanage felt it best to keep 'on message' with the Athiest Nazis so joined all the kids up. Anytime there were sporting events, Heinz would be called upon to help with the Alter or be put in detention. Poor Heinz, missing his Hitler Youth events. But the brothers knew what they were doing. Had Heinz taken a shower after 'games' his cover would be blown.

He was a Jew. He was also in the Hitler Youth.

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