Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Protest Like Gandhi

Just as it looked as though Britain we going to take these ridiculous cuts lying down, students mobilised themselves (I'll come back to this) and took their protest to Millbank, Tory Headquarters.

Now I applaud the reasons for the protest. Why should our brightest be landed with a debt, before leaving university, that will propbably take most of them till they retire to pay off, assuming there will be jobs for them in the first place. It's just more of the population landed in the debt of the bankers, and even the Magna Carta recognised that encouraging debt is wrong.

However, the protest turned violent as it was 'hijacked' by extremists.

As far as I am concerned, once you allow violence into your protest you have lost the argument. The extreme left and right will always try to hijack student protests, but as the hope for the future, students must take control and stop those looking to corrupt their protests with violence.

In other words, do it Gandhi style


Gregg said...

So you think that a student should have his/her education subsidised by people working on minimum wage. How very socialist.

Graduates whine they can't get jobs, as if they have a God given right. Well, until they earn £21,000pa they pay nothing back. Perhaps that will cull the degrees that don't lead to something worthwhile or, you could see it as students doing an enjoyable degree without having to pay for it.

I like foreign holidays. Why shouldn't the taxpayer pay for my holidays if I earn less than £21,000?

Rosie said...

I don't want students to be left debt ridden to pay for bankers and politicians sponging off the taxpayer and minimum wage earners. If that makes me a socialist, then so be it.

Instead of directing your frustration against students, you should look to the incompetent educators and universities who created the degree courses you deem not worthwhile. Then those who are doing 'worthwhile' courses can do them for free.
But I suppose that's just too libertarian for you!