Sunday, 7 November 2010

Election Overdrive

Bloody Hell. I was looking forward to a quiet Christmas and our holiday in January when Phil Woolas gets himself kicked out of parliament.

The next thing I know Gregg has announced he is standing in the by-election, whenever that will be, and suddenly the phone is ringing off the hook. There are leaflet drafts, post it notes, messages on backs of envelopes and a whole host of other election material cluttering up the dining table and I have a feeling the mess will get worse.

However, the amount of support pledged to help Gregg, from both Libertarian Party members and UKIP (ex and current) activists makes it worthwhile. There seems to be an overwhelming view from all sides that there is no anti/non establishment representation in politics today and the EU rules ever supreme.

There is obvioulsy a link between the amount of support we are getting from Ukippers and the election of Farage as the partys' leader. Most seem to believe it is the end of Ukip and are sickened by it. However, personally I think the result was a good one and that Ukip have not functioned as anything other than a self serving machine for Farage and his greedy sycophants for some time.

Congdon and Batten put up a good fight, but had they been elected, the charade of Ukip wanting to leave the EU would have been maintained to the public while Congdon and Batten would spend all their time fighting off dirty tricks from the Faragistas to protect their euros, leaving them no time to fight off the EU.

So, if Gregg acheives nothing else, he will remain true to the principles of free speech, respresentation of non establishment views and leaving the EU, but remember this Gregg. I am not Mrs Farage, paid £30,000 pa of taxpayers money to do ??????, but an unpaid spouse with a real job, so keep that table tidy or else!


Anonymous said...

Phone "ringing off the hook" - just as if.

Rosie said...

Then why bother to comment, particularly in a semi-literate manner?
Gregg - pick that phone up will you!

Librarian said...

'Just as if'? Is that how people in the northwest speak?

Look forward to helping out in Oldham.