Thursday, 18 November 2010

Ireland Surrenders?

The big guns are arriving today to get Ireland to surrender.

The IMF, ECB and EU mafia are turning up in Ireland for 'talks' about the debt crisis. What this means in real terms is that the organisations set up to protect billionaire bankers, now want to screw more taxpayers money from yet another country to keep afloat the banks that caused the debt crisis in the first place.

Once the banks are safe, then will come the massive cuts, aimed at the working and middle classes, who will be thrown into the world of unemployment statistics, while the bankers continue to pat themselves on the back for screwing so much out of the taxpayer.

Make no mistake, bailing out banks creates more economic misery than if they were left to go bust and it is us that will bear the brunt.

Strange also, that nothing has been heard from the Gruesome Twosome, Adams and Macguinnes, now they've become establishment lackeys. They didn't want to be ruled by Britain but find it ok to hand all Irish finances over to the EU?

More bloody hypocrisy!

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