Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I'm Shocked

The deal is done , Cameron is in. Nick Clegg will be preening about whatever sordid little deal he did with Cameron. Cameron will be preening in his new role, new house, and of course a new baby to boot (ee).

If Clegg had any principles at all, he would make no deals.

He effectively had a veto over the two main parties if his party had remained independent of any coalition. Granted, they would not be in the policy driving seat (they won't be anyway), but a with a veto over the two main parties, you can certainly push policy in your own direction. But no. Just like so many unprincipled people working in politics, he has chosen to sell out, compromise his principles (whatever they were/if he had any), go for the cabinet job, go for the money, in fact go for anything bar continue to fight for their cause.

Cameron of course fares no better. Desperate to get his slippers in situ behind the big black door he would have a pact with the devil if it meant he could boot out Gordon - who needs principles when money and power are at stake eh?

So the shock? Well, in the end it was the Labour Party. They refused the dirty deal, even if it means years in opposition. This is the first time I can remember any principle being shown by the Labour Party so maybe I will give them more of a chance in the future.

If only the leader of a certain smaller party had shown some principle, then maybe they could have held the balance of power after this election instead of Cleggs lot. But of course, Old Bean, that would never do.

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