Monday, 6 December 2010

Tip of the Iceberg

Long may Wikileaks survive. Chances of Wikileaks surviving? Probably nil!

As well as extradition, Wikileaks have now had their banks accounts frozen. And so they should.

It is disgraceful to allow Joe 'numpty' Public to know who is greasing whose palms, that we are propping up a manic depressive in Afghanistan (like the poor sods don't have enough problems), and that Berlesconi is a debauched moron.

And just how, maybe can Wikileaks can tell me, did the we manage to spend 15 million pounds on a world cup bid that produced just 2 votes, one of which came from ourselves.

May the Gods favour Wikileaks, because at this point in time, they are the only ones telling the truth.

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