Thursday, 23 December 2010

UKIP: Homophobes and Incompetents

Nikki Sinclaire MEP has won her case against her former UKIP Colleagues. Well done Nikki - keep up the good work. The net is only just starting to close in on Nigel and his muppets.

Almost as good as Nikkis win was the UKIP response explaining why they had not put up a defence (apart from the obvious - that they haven't got one). Apparantly their response to the action was 'regrettably missed due to an administrative error'. A Party Spokesman said 'the respondents have always intended to defend this case vigorously'.

So vigourously that they missed the date for filing a response?

Now we all know that Double Agent Farage has staffed UKIP with incompetents but surely even a checkout girl wouldn't miss such an important deadline in a case such as this. Dear oh dear. No wonder no-one knows where all that money from Ashford went.


Anonymous said...

I don't buy it. If UKIP is so homophobic, then how did Nikki Sinclaire manage to be in the line-up for the party leadership just over a year ago?

Rosie said...

As far as the party leadership goes, so long as she fulfills the nomination criteria even Farage couldn't stop her standing.

Also, why was she thrown out for doing the same as Mike Natrass.
And did Godfrey Bloom call Mike Natrass a 'Queer'?

There are many ways to oust someone from a party, and Double Agent Farage must be an expert on that by now.