Sunday, 1 August 2010

Cameron becomes new UKIP Chairman

Bloody hell. Another special relationship? Mr Cameron has called the countries' relationship (USA and UK) but has he not realised that President Obama said the same about Mexico?

Does that relationship include when Obama slags us off for the BP oil spill, Lockerbie bombers, and make no mistake, America won World War 2 on its own, even before they set foot in Europe - now that really is impressive.

Cameron has just proved his Blair 2 credentials. Arse lick the PC President of the USA, accept that the UK is the root of all evil, and of course, confess that the British presence in WW2 was just as a complimentary shoe shiner for the US.

In fact, Cameron is such a thick brown noser he should really be the Chairman of UKIP. Now all he needs is a Range Rover Discovery with tinted windows..........................

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