Friday, 27 August 2010

Iran goes to the Dogs

I don't agree with invading other countries nor with trying to impose any other system or culture onto them that they don't want but I have just come across the exception to this rule.

Iran needs invading. Not because they are Muslim, not because they have (or are in the process of getting) nuclear weapons but because they have now declared a 'fatwah' on pets, and specifically dogs, calling them 'unclean'.

Dog owners are apparantly 'imitating the West' and devotion to pets will result in 'evil outcomes' because many people in the west love their dogs more than their wives or children.

Yet this is the regime whose people despise it, whom the regime shoot down if they dare to protest, and the regime that will carry out any terrible atrocity in order to consolidate it's authority. It's no wonder that the Iranian people are taking refuge in the wonderful world of dogs (and other pets).

Dogs don't declare fatwahs on innocent people, they are devoted to their family, they give unconditional love and, should Iran be ruled by dogs, it would be the best country in the world.

Keep up the good work Iranians. Keep your pets, and keep to your dream of a society without Ayatollahs . Totalitarian regimes can only survive if the populous allows itself to be bullied and you are doing a pretty good job of showing that you won't be.

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