Sunday, 8 August 2010


I made the mistake of buying the MoS today. Peter Hitchens was in full rant.

According to the great Hitchen, children suffer terribly if their mothers work and most of societies' social problems are created by the absence of mothers.

No explanation though, of why the children who have children, who live on benefits and spend all their time with their delightful offspring, are the ones whose kids have asbos, criminal records, no aspirations and follow their wonderful child mothers into child motherhood themselves.

All my friends work. They've worked while they brought their kids up and, sadly, we are all now at that age where the kids have grown up and are at University or actually working. Now according to the Hitchens logic surely they should be delinquents who refuse to contribute to the 'Big Society'.

So why the Hitchen attack on working mothers?

Could it be that as a committed Tory (he protests far too much!) he is using his media role on behalf of the government in order to demonise working mothers? Then, in the knowledge that come October, the Comprehensive Spending Review will mean there will be so many unemployed in this country, that the best way to plug the gap will be to oust women from their hard earned jobs.

It may sound like an easy solution but when the country is overloaded with feral, Staffie walking, amoral and violent youngsters, bred off the forced out of work mothers living on a diet of Jeremy Kyle and Netto burgers, then remember how it all came about.

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