Saturday, 21 August 2010

Corporate Communism

Humiliation techniques are a well known method of making people adhere to the tenets of communism. People made to write apology notes for misdemeanors, made to sit in the airplane position, made to wear a notice saying 'capitalist pig' around neck - you know the story. However, it would appear the capitalists have adopted the same methods.

Being capitalism, the reward isn't being welcomed with open arms into the Populist Peoples Party after seeing the light but merely receiving a pay cheque.

This weeks winner of the Corporate Communism award goes to ASDA - Wythenshawe (and possibly all Asdas).

Not content with the completely pointless humiliating post of 'Greeter' (Hello, Hi there, Hi, have a good day and so on), in todays humilation corner was a man who looked well past statutory retirement age (if there still is one) made to stand opposite the tills with a placard saying 'there's space here'. His job was to move to the least empty till with his ridiculous placard shaped like a hand with a pointing finger and stand there and...................stand there.

How thick the moronic Asda management are, who think the Brits can't work out the best till to queue at, is anybodys guess. I can tell you though, that there is little to choose between being humiliated into accepting communism just to survive and being humiliated by Asda just to survive.

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