Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Question Time with Rosie

As debates and interviews with the 3 main parties are currently all the rage in the media, I thought I would host my own question time, so who better to start with, than Gregg himself.

Here are his answers:

1. What made you enter politics?

Believing I could make a difference. Growing up in the 1970s most of us thought we could do better than that shower, and that remains true today.

2. How did you form your beliefs?

A family that respects our nation's traditions and values without being cringingly patriotic helped. Being educated by Roman Catholics also helped, first Franciscans then Xaverian Brothers, they imbued a great sense of duty and tolerance while encouraging individuality. Then John Gingell introduced me to JS Mill, thank you, that opened so many avenues.

3. What is your main political philosophy?

Let people get on with their lives and mostly they will be fine. Don't push me around and I won't push you around. In a nutshell, Libertarian.

4. What do you admire in a politician?

Not a lot! Seriously, I admire honesty and an acceptance that none of us are right all the time, especially politicians.

5. What do you despise in a politician?

Hypocrisy and overuse of hackneyed phrases such as: "You couldn't get a cigarette paper between them" or: "It's time for change"..

6.Why did you join UKIP ?

I loathe state interference and the EU is the most disastrous incarnation of 'the state'. Let's make our own mistakes, then rectify them.

7. Why did you leave UKIP?

MEPs had gone native. They stopped taking UK elections seriously and still only become excited at EU election time. The leadership are small minded, petty non-entities surrounded by similar. People have asked why I didn't stay and fight. My answer is that my conscience is worth more than the salary of an MEP and UKIP is finished, it's no more than a vehicle for Farage and his cronies. The fact that their candidate in Meriden wears a t-shirt stating: "Masturbation Is Not Illegal" just about sums UKIP up sadly. Just google Barry Allcock UKIP, it's a giggle.

8. Biggest regret?

Upon leaving UKIP? None, I found it highly liberating.

9. You're now working with Nikki Sinclair - how does that compare to your time in UKIP?

No comparison. She is fighting in the UK the way I hoped other MEPs would, but they never did. There is a great team here in Meriden having a great time. That team included Clive Page until this week, we had a good time but Clive has been forced to move on now, or has chosen to move on. Shame because we all got on well. Having said that he told us last week that he felt that things were happening, from UKIP, that he was being kept in the dark about. Then he resigned.

So working for Nikki is refreshing and I can only suggest that the decent members of UKIP, the majority, look at the EFD Group in the EU parliament then, hand on heart, tell me that Nikki was wrong. She was absolutely right, and I admire her courage.

10. What do you want for dinner on Saturday night?

Anything but bloody curry!! Although............

Thanks Gregg but I 'm still waiting for my lippy back! Jx

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