Sunday, 25 April 2010

A Free Thinking Woman

So that's where my lipstick disappeared to Gregory Beaman!

I just couldn't resist putting this wonderful picture of you in my first post, as I'm a little peeved that you keep taking all the credit for being Rosie.

Mark Croucher, on his Skeptyk blog, has started the Gregg is Rosie rumour again, presumably because he has heard you are now working for a woman (lordy be - another woman with a mind, how can they have had two of those in UKIP?).

Here's a sample quote from the woman hating Skeptyk

"In keeping with his desire to hide behind a skirt by using the name 'Rosie', Beaman chose to put the blame squarely on his wife's shoulders, who he said acted independently of him, "

Mmm, now as Mark is a regular on the British Democracy Forum under several psuedonyms, he knows full well that Rosie is not Gregg and that I posted on the same Forum under my correct name to confirm that I am Rosie. And there's the rub.

How dare I, a female, possibly go on a forum without my husbands permission. Of course women are ok in UKIP if they are a nodding donkey, up for a bit of adultery or even if they are a Latvian Pole dancer, but a free thinker, well, that just cannot be tolerated. The comment 'who he said acted independently of him' reveals all - to believe that a woman, in Skepyks view, can act independently of her husband is just too incredulous to be true for him. Dear oh dear Mark, you really need a break from Nigels company.

I must say I have enjoyed all the merriment Skeptyks blog has given us, revealing how the inner clique (particularly one member - no pun intended) went ballistic and are still reeling from the news that Gregg and Nikki are now working together . Two free thinkers and, good grief, one's a woman. Add to that Gary and Josh - well, poor old Skeptyk has found himself working overtime spinning so fast a lancashire weaver would be proud of him.

So it comes to pass that I have started Rosie's Forum. Will a woman be able to blog? Will I have to ask Greggs permission to blog? Can Gregg confirm on this blog if I have acted independently of him? Am I carrying out enough pole dancing/adultery duties like a good UKIP wife should?

All will be revealed in good time. For now, Gregg is welcome to hide under my skirt but I want that lipstick back or else!

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