Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Leaked Document: UKIP General Election Strategy 2010


To ensure that UKIP is seen to be unelectable in the forthcoming General Election
To promote the shared vision of Lord Pearson and Nigel Farage to keep UKIP as a Tory pressure group and keep their rich Tory mates in the Westminister boys club
To promote membership of UKIP to tory anti-EU members thereby relieving the Tory party of their troublesome members
To line the pockets of Nigel Farage and a few self seeking sycophants

Strategic Context

To ensure the continued success of the Tory party within Europe by ridding them of their anti-EU members
Use party as a vehicle to ensure Nigel and friends take up all the benefits the EU has to offer, for instance 2nd pensions and massive allowances, whilst ensuring their families are also paid handsome allowances


To rid the party of anyone who has a backbone, who will question where all the money goes to or who will not do what Nigel tells them to do
To ensure any media interest shows the party in the worst possible light
To ensure that as little as possible progress is made during the General Election and Nigels Tory mates keep their seats.

Agreed Actions to acheive strategy

Lord Pearson to announce UKIP Strategy (unknown to UKIP PPCs) of not voting for UKIP. This is to be presented as voting for Eurosceptic MPs regardless of party
Ensure a healthy smattering of barking mad PPCs, especially those that latch on to conspiracy theories and will damage UKIPs credibility in the General Election
Get rid of Nikki Sinclair. She wants Britain to leave the EU.
Lord Pearson to promise support for Nikki Sinclair, who wants to leave the EFD, that she can remain a UKIP MEP. Then we renege on the deal and kick her out (she's only a woman anyway).
Get a barking mad UKIP candidate to stand against her (we need further discussion on how we justify this alongside the policy of not standing against Eurosceptics for any other party)
Ensure any UKIP policies don't stand up to scrutiny e.g. pledge vast spending cuts whilst saying how money will be pumped into NHS, police, defence etc.

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