Thursday, 27 January 2011

Andy Gray v The Taliban

Why the witch hunt against Andy Gray? He made an off air remark that could only offend those who make a habit of being offended. As a woman who sometimes attends footie matches, it is the type of banter that is prevalant on the terraces (I watch real football not the corporate rubbish!) but that's all it is, ................ banter.

If you were offended by his remark you should be immediately sectioned. Anyone who can take umbridge that easily should not be allowed out in general society.

That said, there is something more sinister to this whole affair. Watching the news on BBC last night, equal coverage was given to the Andy Gray/Richard Keys affair and the stoning of two lovers by the Taliban in Afghanistan. After showing this vile scene, the BBC went instantly to the Andy Gray nonsense. Were they trying to equate the two?

Having to resign or be sacked over this nonsense suggests to me that their media masters have been looking for an excuse to get rid, but instead of having the decency to be honest about why they want them to leave, they use the cowardly way out by jumping on this non-comment.

So, if they can't be honest with their own staff, can we really believe that their reporting is any more truthful?

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