Friday, 28 January 2011

Middle East Britain?

The Tunisian uprising was, amongst other things, the culmination of rising food prices, unemployment and a corrupt elite . The uprising is now spreading across the middle east stopping who knows where. This may or may not be a good thing. Of course getting rid of corrupt elites gladdens the heart but the problem lies with who fills the vacuum.

For too long in Europe, and especially Britain, our very own corrupt elite have survived due to the much more passive nature of Europeans, and particularly the British, in comparision to our Arabic neighbours who tend to react instictively rather than by a minuted committee decision. In fact, it is difficult to imagine Brits rampaging without first collecting their SWP banners, taking a flask and butties and having a meeting in the pub beforehand. But this can quite easily change.

Although I don't believe uprisings have ever been anything but contrived , by groups who want to take power for themselves from the ruling elite, it is entirely possible that violent uprisings could happen here. And our elite only have themsleves to blame.

The policy of enforced multiculturalism in Europe has, as well as positive aspects, given us suicide bombings, Sharia Law, unpatrolled borders letting in any old criminal from around the world, terrorists in parliament, drug gangs, virtually daily shootings around the country and general dissatisfaction from pretty much everyone in society that is not part of the liberal elite.

So when the recession really bites, and the bite will not completely be felt until later this year or perhaps early next year, when inflation rockets, unemployment surpasses anything known in this county and the fight for resources gets going, then our corrupt elite should not sleep easily. Our new multicultural society may prove much more difficult to surpress and may look to Tunisia for inspiration.

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