Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I never thought it could happen. It just isn't possible. How could it be?

The peaceful protests in Eygpt have turned violent. Amazing. The celebrations of those politicians convinced they were bringing democracy to the Middle East (mainly members of the Special Needs Party) have dampened to a whimper.

And the Eygptians have been misled. One middle class Egyptian lady interviewed mid-riot was shocked (there's a lot of it about)- apparantly the original protesters had been led to believe Mubarak would go as the protesters had demanded, not get his supporters out on the street to fight his corner.

Meanwhile, Obama has had to come out on the side of the anti-government protesters even though the US have supported Mubarak for many years. Oh dear. So where will Mubarak's loyalties lie should he remain in power. Will he still be pro-USA, depending on them pumping money into Eygpt, as they have done over previous years, keeping him in power. Or will he instead, turn now to the other beleagured middle east leaders sufferng the domino effect to form an anti-western pact, realising what part the US have played in the current situation.

I don't believe democracy can be forced upon people - democracy by it's very nature has to be a consensus, and middle east countries have nowhere near consensus of any kind. Political meddling on this scale is a very dangerous game to play, murderous in fact and there is only one guaranteed outcome - it'll all end in tears

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