Friday, 25 February 2011

Libya's Chemical Ali

As Gaddaffi threatens to burn Libya if they continue their defiance of him, his London educated son gave a press conference that brought back amusing memories of Chemical Ali - the chap in Iraq assuring the press that they had beaten the west, whilst in the background American tanks rolled by.

Gaddafi's son obviously studied under him (maybe in London - where else?). In a marvellous press conference he declared that the current troubles, that have so far led to many deaths, would soon be seen as a joke that everybody would soon be laughing about. Oh really.

Better still was the Chemical Ali moment, when Saif al-Islam, stated that everything is calm and the streets of Tripoli are full of jubilent crowds letting of fireworks and 'celebrating' Gaddafi's rule. He then told foreign reporters: 'If you hear fireworks, don't mistake it for shooting'. All that was missing was the American tanks rolling by.

But the comedy was soon ended by UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, who is calling on European states to keep their borders open for refugees, and on all UN member states to consider sanctions against the country.

So there you have it. Europe is officially the dumping ground for anyone wanting to leave their own country for whatever reason. What checks will Ban Ki Moon do on these refugees? Will Europe receive extra funding for all these refugees ? Will he make sure they are not the people who attacked Lara Logan, will he make sure they are not Gaddaffi's Stasi style police fleeing from the nation they have oppressed for so long, or will there be no checks at all?

So just how long will the people of Europe put up with our own Gaddafis who line their own pockets whilst screwing up once stable countries? No doubt a lot longer than the people in the Middle East.

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