Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Glimpse of the Future?

Students are up in arms about tuition fees. How dare the government expect them to pay for their education and of course this justifies the usual student protests complete with banners and t-shirts provided by murky left wing organisations.

So where is the protest about the college full of students monitered by no less than 112 cctv cameras. Even more disturbing, student 'councillors' were apparantly involved in discussions before the cameras were put in.

So the students are so brainwashed, that having their every move spied on and logged presents no reason to protest, and why are there are no murky left wing groups taking up the cause?.

Isn't it strange that the left wing, who are so good at organising protests when it comes to getting other people to pay for resources that they want for nothing, are never to be seen when it comes to erosion of liberty and freedom. It took a right wing organisation, Big Brother Watch, to highlight the sinister nature of spying on children who are only allowed their privacy in the toilets and changing rooms.

If the students of today do not realise that they should protest at such an obvious invasion of their privacy, then what kind of hellish world will they build when it is their turn for power?

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