Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Walking like an Egyptian

I shall not be voting for an alternative vote. In fact, I shall not be voting in any elections for the forseeable future even though, bar once due to illness, I have never missed the chance to use my vote. But really, what is the point?

The Tory Pary are funded by the bankers who have crashed our economy, and the Labour Party are funded by the Unions who, in the past, have crashed our economy. The Liberals would crash our economy but have to rely on doing it in tamdem with other (and it doesn't matter which colour so long as they get the money and power) parties.

The more the politicians are paid, the more they want. The more power they get the more elitist they become. So are our politicians and elite any better than those in the middle east?

Well, inflation here is rising, jobs are scarce, the unemployed will be having their benefits cut unless they find a job in a jobless market, public services have been slashed along with jobs. Savings are pointless, bankruptcies are up, mortgages are down and high streets look like supermarkets for tumbleweed

Who's doing ok though, in our 'all in it together Big Society'? Well, the politicians are doing fine, the bankers are still getting their bonuses, the superstores are selling everything the High Street used to and BP has climbed into bed with it's Russian partner. Are any of these 'elite' really working in the interest of the British people? Of course not. They are driven by money, power and greed.

So maybe we should take a leaf out of the middle east handbook on dealing with corruption, and walk to our own squares like the Egyptians.

And remember, things could only be worse if we had a banker turned politician in power!

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