Tuesday, 6 December 2011

They're after our money again!

Good ol' Ken Clark, he never disappoints.

Here's his thought for today:

'Britain should be prepared to accept "proper" financial regulation from Brussels, he went on. But he rejected the idea of an EU "Tobin tax" on financial transactions.

"It's the devil's own job to collect," he said, and added that New York and Hong Kong would not follow suit. '

So, Britain should accept 'proper' financial regulation from the same EU that has brought a continents economic system to the brink of collapse, and is so incompetent (or corrupt depending on your viewpoint) that it can't even manage to get its' books signed off.

And why exactly is it so hard to collect taxes on financial transactions. They seem to manage perfectly well in devising systems to collect VAT, PAYE and all those other rip off systems that are imposed on the man on the Clapham omnibus.

Surely the difficulty cannot be that the banks don't want it?

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