Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The end of Humanity

No, the end of humanity has nothing to do with nuclear power stations, earthquakes or Tsunamis.

On Radio 2 yesterday, Jeremy Vines show, there was a debate about whether we should send/give aid to Japan. What a strange topic I thought, surely the case was clear cut. An earthquake, followed by a tsunami, thousands dead and injured and the whole country is at risk of a nuclear meltdown.

Yet, there were people arguing that NO aid should be sent to help them. Why? Well the arguments ranged from them being a wealthy country, atrocities in the second world war, having better manufacturing than us and for not building nuclear reactors that could withstand both earthquake and tsunami. Add to, this that the world did not rally to give Britain (well Cumbria) aid when Whitehaven was flooded, rounded off the arguments to leave the Japanese trying to save their damaged country (through no fault of their own) without our aid.

Granted there were people who argued strongly for giving aid to Japan. However, it became increasingly clear that the end of humanity will brought about by the selfish attitudes of those who have no regard for the suffering of their fellow humans, rather than nuclear power.

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