Monday, 21 March 2011

A Golden Future

Just what are we trying to acheive in Libya and the middle east?

We've been treated to the usual idiotic posturing by our politicians but, when all the bombing is over and all the oil fields grabbed (and not necessarily by the western powers), what's going to happen? Will these medieval countries suddenly adopt democratic ways, allowing women to throw off their burkas and both sexes will start going for a friendly pint down the pub on a friday night? Or will we see a United States of Al-Qaeda (USAL(L)?

We've already buggered up Iraq and Afghanistan so why on earth are we at it again. I know there's the old oil argument but the very real threat of creating a massive block of anti-western fundamentalist islamic states surely is not worth the risk.

And everyone is keeping stum about the Iranian position in all this. Remember them, nutty government led by Ahmadinejad, with nuclear stuff, oppressed people and plenty of gold.

'Market observers believe Tehran has been one of the biggest buyers of bullion over the past decade after China, Russia and India, and is among the 20 largest holders of gold reserves. They estimate it holds more than 300 tonnes of gold.'

Make no mistake, there is all to play for in the middle east and the outcome is by no means certain. One things for sure though, there will be no golden future for the middle east

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