Saturday, 26 March 2011

Protest in the Park

I agree with many of the reasons for today's protest. As a local government worker, since the bankers took all the taxpayers money, to pay for their reckless and very poor management whilst still being paid a fortune, the media have instead focussed on attacking public sector workers. We have been demonised as the incompetent,non job, overpaid, overpensioned pariahs of a world where everyone in the private sector earns two bob a day working tirelessly to provide for the lazy public sector.

So I can identify with today's protest. In the quarter of a century that I have worked in social housing, I have been spat at, sworn at, threatened, stalked and have had my car windscreen smashed in. Then there's the fleas, filth and turds (only last week - about 200 in someones vacated lounge!). And that's before you get to the routine of the job itself, battling against the competing priorities of legislation, finance and volume.

So I can easily identify with todays protesters. What I cannot fathom though, is why they attended the geeks performance? Ed served in the same government that has caused the problem, shafted Bro by crawling to the unions, and showed no remorse for his part in Britains (and the public sectors) downfall.

Can the protesters really not see his hypocrisy or is the lack of cheering for his geeklike performance a sign of British politeness towards an idiot? I do hope so.

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