Sunday, 27 March 2011

Agent Provocateurs or Violent Lefties?

The protests yesterday were impressive, geek speech apart, and the message should not be lost by the government following the violent end to the protest.

I suspect the violence was well organised, but by whom?

Someone sugested to me, before any violence had begun, that there would be agent provocateurs in the crowd to ensure the protest was discredited. I, on the other hand, thought that any violence would come via the usual extreme left wing groups who thrive on hatred and envy, using gullable youngsters as their tools.

However, it does not really matter who caused the violence, because it is obvious that 99.9% of the protesters were there for genuine, non violent reasons. Cameron and Clegg should thank their luckey stars that the British people have accepted everything thrown at them so far. All the protesters are saying is that the acceptable limit has been breached, and it is not acceptable to carry on with such severe 'austerity' measures when the bankers and their ilk suffer no consequences while the masses bear the brunt.

If Cameron really wants a 'Big Society' then he needs to listen to the Big Issues that the Big Protest brought forth.

That's assuming he wants to remain in power!

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